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    I just changed the name of my profiler and now the rig manager doesn't synchronize the rigs anymore. The new name of the profiler is displayed in the rig manager, but it says that there are zero profiles on the profiler (which is not the case of course).

    Previewing rigs from rig exchange on the profiler works.

    I have the latest software versions (both profiler and rig manager) and the USB driver is the correct one. Running on Win10 Pro.

    Already tried to unsinstall and reinstall rig manager.

    Any idea? Thanks!

    I think the screen resolution problem applies to iPads as well, there are almost no models with the same resolution, see this chart here:…red-ipad-air-vs-ipad-mini

    And with Android, of cause no one would support all old versions, Just develop for the current version. And if poeple have older versions that can not be upgraded they still can get a decent new Android tablet for the fraction of the price of an iPad.

    I have problems with noise using the Acoustic Sim. I don't know if it is normal for that type of effect or not. All other effects including OD's are basically noise free for me.

    I did a quick test with the acoustic sim and didn't get any noise. However, changing distortion sens from 0 to -12 db improved the sound, it sounds more natural, more open.

    Why distortion sens has impact on a clean profile with the acoustic sim? I dont get it...

    Hi there,

    I am using a very clean profile which has no distortion at all. If i put for example a wah in stomp A I get a lot of distortion. If I put the wah in a post stack slot everything is fine but often times i want to use the wah pre stack, expecially with slightly driven sounds, so this is not the solution.

    I tried to lower the output volume of the wah, but that only reduced the overall volume, the distortion is still there. I have the same problem with some other types of effects, like the univibe preset but the distortion is not as prominent as it is with the wah. Tried different wahs too, all with the same result.

    Any idea? Thx!

    I prefer to have a FRFR monitor wedge in front of me instead of a cabinet in my back. Can the Kone be used in a wedge type of cabinet or does it have to be a classic rectangle kind of cabinet?

    I believe the only purpose of the Kone is to get the player a more classic "amp in the room" impression/feeling of the sound. A lot of people complaining about this (not only Kemper players, same goes for Fractal, Line 6 and all others) so I think its a very clever step for a company to adress this issue because for those players it can be a unique selling point.

    I believe that because as far as my understanding goes at this point, there is no way to put that sound from the Kone to a FOH or InEar system so only the player himself benfits from it when listening directly to the Kone. And also Kemper mentions things like the radiation patterns, so i think they found out, that part of the problem (or even most of the problem) of the different feeling of FRFR compared to "amp in the house" is that different behaviour of FRFR cabinets compared to guitar speakers. So basically they made a FRFR capable speaker that apart from the frequency response behaves like a typical guitar speaker.

    The IRs/Cab profiles is just on top of it i think. Even IRs will sound different on different speakers so I believe that cab profiles are more or less IRs that are highly optimized for the Kone.

    Please be aware that this is all speculation on my side.

    I would like to give this old thread a litte push cause i keep running into problems with digital clipping in fx chains. It would also be a nice addition to the editor.

    For example, i have a (very) clean profile, no clipping audible at all. Input LED stays green all the time, profile output is set to 0 db, profiler output is set to -10 db. To get a little volume boost here and there i added a "Pure Booster" with boost set to +3 db to the X-slot (post stack that is). When i turn on the Pure Booster i get audible clipping. For a simple signal chain like this you get along somehow but when you use many fx its not a simple task to keep levels right.

    Metering would really help to solve such problems.

    Regarding the gain of the profiles, you can try to lower the distortion sens setting of you profiler.

    I really think this is a problem many people struggle with. It would help a lot if profiles contain some additional info about what has being used during profiling:

    - clean and distortion sens settings

    - which pickup has been used

    Also, in browsing mode sens settings are locked by default, which means you use profiler setting and not the one that is saved with the profile. In performance mode the settings are not locked which means you are using the profile settings and not the profiler settings (dont know what is being used in preview mode id you double click a profile in rig manager). Took me a while to figure out why my profiles changed gain when copying them to performances after i tweaked them in browser mode.

    I really think that the clean and distortion settings cause more confusion and problems than being helpful. It may be a powerful tool for some poeple but I hope Kemper rethinks this concept and comes up with something more user friendly in the future.

    After reading this thread i bought a FRFR-108 and i'm really hapy with it. I have two Kempers, one Toaster from the ancient times when they were only available in white that i play at home. The second one is a rack which i use for rehearsals and gigs. As monitoring solution i started with a Yamaha DXR-10 and after it started to make strange noises I replaced it with a Dynacord AXM 12A. I was looking for a small, portable monitor for home playing and jam sessions and so I bought the Headrush.

    When I compare the three monitors the Dynacord is still the best sounding one, but the Headrush beats the Yamaha for me. ImM not going into details, I just can confirm what others wrote, no need to repeat it.

    Many thanks to Ingolf and the others, this thread really helped me to find a perfect solution for my needs.