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    I have to admit, it has crossed my mind more than once, and I doubt I'm the only one. With so many online stores with great return policies, and guitar centers HUGE inventory of used gear with amazing amps flowing in all the time, it's hard not to think about doing this. Just the fact that this is an actual conversation we can have about the kemper, attests , in my opinion, to how amazing the KPA is. Discuss :)

    r u sirius this is an absolutely KILLER profile man. I have only used it with my VHT 2902/Deliverance 4x12, but holy shit man, pretty nasty sounding. Alot of profiles sound similar with my setup (ultimately because of the 4x12 probably obviously) But you can really tell this is a nasty sounding profile, and perfect for the old school swedish sound. I can't wait to try and record with it, anyone have any recorded samples of it in a mix? Again, awesome profile, just plain cool as hell.

    Good lord, these are insanely fantastic...That trainwreck...holy COW....I am a 7 string death metal guy all the way, but my god... That just sounds flat out amazing...Sounds like 14 guitars playing at once....The mesa mkII is fantastic, the friedman, the bogners....I am about to just delete all of my profiles and buy all of these!

    Glad it worked for ya. Not sure why this happens, but happened to me as well, and my instinct for some reason told me that was the issue. I have the same problem of any of the volumes in the effects chain are too high, such as the low and high pass filters.

    Hey guys, I've never been a big effects guy at all, however I have a stereo power amp (VHT 2902) and 2 VHT cabs (both are stereo, so I could just use one), I want to find out how to setup stereo delays and choruses with my setup just for fun. Just need advice on how to set delay and chorus parameters, and where to set them etc. thanks guys.


    The jtm45 profiles will get you eerily close, and I mean close just plugging into them. The stock jtm45s are great as well actually. I run the compression, tube bias, and power sagging Wayyyy up and it feels like a full blown jtm45 cranked, pretty incredible.

    Why not try marrows 5150 profiles?? They sound great, and are some of the best. Any of the engl se profiles should get you there. Djent is more about technique than anything, do not downplay that aspect at all, it is just as important if not more than your amp. Try running the 4:1 gate upfront in the stomp section as well with the threshold set wayyyyy up, that's 50 percent of it right there, you'll see.

    Try doing FRFR AND amp/cab rig, it'll blow your mind :D. I run a VHT 2902 power amp, with a VHT 4x12 deliverance cab for my monitor out, along with FRFR through one of the Main outs using a mackie hd1531 pumpin In front of me.... Absolutely mind blowing. The tone and feel just surrounds you between both setups running in front and behind you... Absolutely killer.

    For what it's worth, I use amp and cab, as well as FRFR live. And also fwiw, my kemper sounds absolutely glorious with my VHT 2902 power amp, however these are some of the most neutral and powerful amps ever made, they sound insane though. That is my Monitor out signal, while one of my Main outs goes to a mackie hd1531 that sits in front of me. Then, another Main out or 2 to FOH... Absolutely awesome and I get the best of, well, all 3 worlds :D

    He does have a point about something MAYBE. He feels that the KPA cuts off at the 125hz area or so, per his video, and states that using analyzer confirmed his suspicions. Putting the studio EQ post amp. And a bump at 125 hz alittle does help with warmth and thickness in some of the profiles, at least through my VHT power amp and cab, not sure how this would translate to direct recording, so don't take my word as gospel. Try it though, I have a 3 db bump on some of the high gain patches ( Engls, diEzels, fortins) and it seemed to add a nice extra kick and thickness to the tone.

    So many good profiles and clips everywhere in the net. And his ones are crappy. By accident? Missing abilities? Why can't he do what others can?

    I see your point, and I've never really commented on any of them really, but felt this guy was so far off at misrepresenting the KPA, I felt the need to comment . He states it cuts off at 125hz, ok great, I don't, but it's not the point. Instead of stating you could add an EQ in the post amp section to combat this, he just says an what the hell, this thing sucks, I'm not gonns try and use an EQ... Really? What if I judged the axe before doing all the known remedies such as different IR's, or filters, or eqs or whatever??? While I dont feel an EQ is necessary with the KPA for the most part, it just isn't a fair review in my opinion. And not to mention, he brought up the axe fx in his review, not I, or anyone else. Whatever, the KPA results do speak for themselves, and I guess that's all that matters.