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    Great video, thanks a lot! It is interesting to see that you approach the refining process a lot different than for example Guidorist, who posted a video about the profiling process a little while ago. Do you think that with a little more refining, you can get the profile even closer to the original? I don’t want to start a discussion about sound or usefulness of a profile, just asking about the comparison.

    Did another video on a transcription that I worked out last year. This one is Robben Ford's solo on Misdirected Blues.

    Using a Dumble patch from Michael Britt with just the gain dialed down. I was switching back between my version and the original and I think it got pretty close to his famous sound.

    This is great playing with a great sound. Not only the profile, but also your touch is spot on! The link to the transcription is no longer available. Would you be willing to share the transcription, so that we can have a take on this great song?

    If this is the case, and it would be possible to send audio over ethernet, then a guitar input on the remote would be a possibility also, and so reducing the cable length to the Profiler.

    This surprises me because there are so many different public profiles available and it takes me a while to find the ones I like. When I say this I am even speaking of the same model of amplifier/speaker. I would think that if someone is refining with a guitar with hot pickups and another is not then that would have a bearing on the profile. Pickup height included. Of course, I have no idea and it looks like I was mistaken all along. Thanks Christoph.

    There is (way) more to a profile, than just the amp: the speaker, or combination of speakers, the microphone or combination of microphones, the placing of the microphones, pre-amp, mixing technique, other outboard gear (eq and what not), refining length and what is played. This is what separates the profiles from each other, not the guitar used in the refining process.

    Without answering your first question: this is not the way to connect an expression pedal. The guitar goes straight to the input, there is a dedicated input for expression pedals in the back. I don’t know your exact pedal, so I can’t tell you what cable you need. The manual will tell you more about this.

    Thank you for your input!

    This is exactly what I'm trying to do (RME as slave) but it doesn't seem to be syncing. I will have to check back page 6 of the kpa (in lockown now but I should be able to by tom or saturday - thank you for your suggesting

    As to the kpa, I have a toaster which I purchased in 2012. May I ask what the deal is with pre 2019 units vs recent builts?

    So, the problem is, that there is no sync? Could it be, you connected the cables the wrong way around, input to input? In the settings in your first post it shows, the RME should get its clock from S/PDIF, but after that it says “master”. The settings on the Kemper are correct.

    When you set the RME to master (clock source internal) you should get signal, but with nasty pops and clicks. If that’s not the case, you could check the output settings (master button), to see what the KPA is sending over S/PDIF.

    Yes, I do have the same delay for all 5 of the slots but when I go from slot 1 to slot 2 the delay turns off unless I have it locked. I know I can store the delay to all slots as saved but I don’t want that. What I want is to engage delay at will on any slot, and when it’s on, it’s on for all 5 slots and when it’s off, it’s off on all 5 slots. Then if I bank up/down to another Performance, I want to have the option of completely different effects. I can do that now but NOT with but only if effects are locked.

    What you propose here is not possible right now. What you could do, is for example program slot 1 with the delay off. Then during the song you switch the delay on. If you want to keep that delay, program slot 2 with the delay on. Repeat this workflow for all the slots you use during a song.

    Locking is global for all performances, and not what you want in your situation. Programming the slots in the way you’ll be using them is the best solution, I think.