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    I remember when I purchased the first Blue Murder album. I listened to it so many many times. It is still a great album. The second one "nothing but trouble" was a dissapointment except for a few songs and after that I haven't heard anything about him until now. Must be something else if he postpone a record 20 years.

    As Ingolf said. The Kemper reacts just like an amp would. It isn't marketing.

    As for guitar buying or upgrading what you have. There is a LOT less hassle finding a guitar you like instead of swapping pickups. If it's an inexpensive guitar, it'll still be an inexpensive guitar with new pickups. Which may or may not give you what you want.

    I've only changed the pickups in a guitar once. That was last week after living with the stock guitar for 5 or 6 years. The *only* reason was to get rid of the noise a set of 50s-style Telecaster pickups make. (Which is a *lot*). I researched, waited, tested and they sound great.....but I'm *still* not sure I did the right thing.

    Agree. There's no point swapping pickups in a cheap guitar. It will still scream cheap guitar. What pickups one prefer might be wrong for another user. Some pickups sounds killer in one guitar and awful in the next. I went thru five different pickups in my ESP Horzion NTII including stock pickups, jb and jazz. I was dissapointed with all the pickups until I found the right set. Somtimes that's what one need to go thru until one find the right pickups.

    GuitarofJustice what you need to do is play different guitars at guitar shop(s) unplugged. Yes you heard it right. If you like the tone unplugged, you will like it plugged. Even if it means you end up swapping pickups. If you don't like the tone of a guitar unplugged, it won't matter if you swap until you drop. You will never like the tone of that guitar. Passive or active. Try both and see what you prefer. But the most important is that you like the tone and the neck.

    These kinds of differences could be because of pick choice (gauge, material, placement relative to the bridge), and pickup type and distance to strings.

    If a demo includes any other instruments, a guitar-only comparison will not sound the same.

    He has already said twice he has the same guitar and pickups. :rolleyes:

    I agree, that's why I'm comparing against the snippet with guitar only (see the second youtube link - there should not be any other instruments).

    I agree with that too. But my guitar and the pickup should be identical to what Josh is using.

    To my ears, my clip doesn't have enough pick attack (transients) and has a bit less gain. In other words, I can't get the same nice chug from this profile no matter what I do (hitting the strings harder doesn't really help). It's a subtle difference but it's there. And it's not like I can't get nice attack from other amplifiers. I'm at loss here :(

    Doesn't sound bad at all. Wasn't it Brian May that was dissapointed he didn't sound like Van Halen when he played with his rig and guitar? You will never sound like someone else no matter what just like no one will ever sound like you. Never judge a sound on it its own unless you plan to use a profile just for solo rythm/ideas.

    Ibanez GRG are very cheap Ibanez guitars get what you pay for. Ibanez own pickups(made by Dimarzio)are at best mediocre. With a cheap guitar you can't expect more overall better sound no matter what you do. There's no point swapping pickups with that guitar. Get yourself a better guitar. Today there are so many great guitars second hand for a good price. In more than 15 years I've only purchased one new guitar. The rest of all guitars I own have own have been second hand.

    Yes if you want more of that warmer tone you will need passive pickups. Active pickups, some love them or hate them. I like both but active won't give you that warmer sound only passive can. Passive pickups and a tubescreamer, that's how to get that 80's lead tones. Yes I have gone thru many pickups thru the years. Those pickups I already mentioned are among the most popular pickups and are used from everything from pop to metal. But of course there are others too. What guitar and pickups are you using right now?

    Okey I see. Well first of what pickups do you have? For that kind tone Duncan jb and a jazz in the neck will do it or Dimarzio tonezone and airnorton. A little less distortion than you think. With a little less gain, no matter if its rythm or solos, will force you to play better and you can't hide sloppy playing that's drenched in too much gain. Every note needs to be both be felt and heard. Rely on delay rather than reverb for that more of a in your face kind of tones. Reverb will push the sound into the background. I'm not sayin never use reverb but beware of what it does. Nearly all hard rock guitar solos, no matter if it's 80's or today, delay is number one.

    The W.E.T. drums always sound like MIDI-velocity 127 to me, which is off-putting, but I guess that's the way many bands and genres have gone these days.

    Unfortunately this is how almost all heavier punk, rock and metal bands are mixed today. Replace the kick and snare with a one-shot triggered samples or at least blend them in with the natural kick and snare. Or with a few velocity on the samples at least. Enough to sound like a vst drum if you ask me. Slate kick 10, I belive it is that's overused on so many metal records if I remember right. Sometimes all the drums except oh, hihat, ride and room mics are the only real drums left. I guess most bands and record companies demand it to sound like that. So many records/bands sound like they came out from the same factory, cloned. So boring. Sad but it is how it is. I don't care if younger ppl call me old grumpy man. :D Well enough of my rant now. ||