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    i admit I have never tried a polyphonic tuner but I can’t see the point of them as I only have one hand available to tune with anyway. Am I missing something really obvious?

    No you don't. When I had one and tried polytune the guitar the tuner said all six strings was in tune. But when I played the guitar(s) it wasn't in tune very well.

    The best thing I did for tuning in recent years was to get and Evertune equipped guitar. It is hard to play anything else now.

    I've got my second one a week ago. Yes something feels wrong even though it's not when I play on the other one's with a TOM bridge and a Ibanez floating trem. Nothing is acually wrong. They have a good setup and intonation. But ones you go evertune...need I say more?

    Interesting to know I wasn't the only one. Tuning one string at a time is still the best. The idea was better than in reality, e,g, like Gibsons robot tuning system.

    I'd love to be able to strum all 6 strings and tune them at the same time on the Kemper. Maybe there is a licensing/copyright/intellectual property issue related to this, or not enough people have requested this, or some other reason which is why Kemper hasn't offered this feature?

    I believe I've seen once someone asking about polytune. I had a tc polytune and I never used it on that mode. It didn't work for me. If you tune light no problem but if you're heavy hitter and trying to get a constant hit for tuning didn't work at all for me at least. I can't speak for others though.

    Great idea but the only problem with bass plugins is the same as with guitar plugins, they don't sound realistic enough. Sure you can lower the bass plugin to mask it but nothing can replace a real bass guitar. The same is true also with all drum plugins. Great tools for song writing or if you are alone. I know I use SD too and like it very much but still it can't be compared to a real drummer and the human feel. Another problem is drum plugins sound too good. Even raw drums from famous bands don't sound that good but mixed with the rest they can sound awsome.

    Don't be afraid to do your own setups on your guitars. There's so much information out there how to do it. I never let anyone else touch my guitars for a setup simply because I know how I want my guitars and they all are in different tunings. A good luthier should take all necessary information from a guitarist before even touching a guitar and not just set it up like it was a factory setup and hope for the best lik 99% of them do. How you play, how you want the action, playing style, soft, medium or hard hitter. All that matters. And don't believe a few luthiers out there that will tell you you should never touch the guitar because you will likely ruin your guitar and only a pro can do the job. They say that for a obvious reason. Some other guitarists believe that myth and will tell the same bs. It takes some practice but it will be worth it in the end and you save your money for something else like new string.

    Agree turn down the dist sense. With many high gain profiles I need to turn down dist sense all the way. In recording situation I use multiband compression to get rid of too much bass when chugging on the low E and of course hp-filter and lp-filter if it's needed. I don't find that all or nearly all high gain profiles have way too much bass. If you want profiles that have less bass buy Tills Chimera that offers three different per profile from more bass, less and even less bass on that pack.