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    Isnt sending from the Helix ( with a cab or IR) to the Kabinet ( powered or not) esentially using it as FRFR?

    I find it sounds rather nice :)

    Just my 2 cents.

    It would be interesting to know what experiences users are having using the Kab/Kone with other modellers.

    No, because the Kone on its own is GFR, not FRFR. The corrective EQ applied using the Profiler's DSP when the Kone setting is ON takes it closer to FRFR specs and without it it is just a slightly more broadband guitar speaker.

    Humans perceive clean tones to be lower in volume than high-gain tones. Clean tone profiles always sound too low to my ears, but when looking at my db meters in my DAW, you can see they are the same signal strength as a high-gain profile. So, be careful with clean profiles so you do not begin to clip. I keep my Sens at Zero, and I use cold/hot passive and active pups on different guitars.

    This is also why compressors are so handy when dealing with clean tones :)

    It is built on the same type of concept as the "resto mod" in classic cars, where you take an older concept but modernize it some. So I started with a 60s style Fender Telecaster body, and fitted it with a roasted maple 50s neck..

    That's the opposite of modernising it, surely! :D

    Just pulling yer leg!

    It’s very easy to do with the infinity setting. I use that setting assigned to one of the I-IIII effect switches to engage it for the end of Eruption, for example (most people think it’s a whammy dive bomb, but actually it’s the Echoplex oscillating and Eddie adjusting the tape speed to take the pitch down a couple of octaves).

    They're getting new stock here, sambrox. Once you've had it for a while, could you fill us all in? I've been toying with the idea of getting one, or a Axe FX 2 or maybe even another Kemper for a solo project of mine.

    I really really like it. The sounds are really great. The only minus is the complexity of programming things like wah pedals and such. I’ve been totally spoiled by Kemper’s ease of use and programmability. Having to go into different menus just to link a wah block to the expression pedal is a bit cumbersome, for example. However, the complexity comes from being able to set it up to suit your exact personal workflow and needs. The switches are configurable in a gazillion different ways and make the three switches perfectly fine for gigging, though I was sure it would be restrictive.

    I think the difference between the Kemper and FM3 can be analogised like this : the Kemper is like having an amp and analogue pedals, whereas the FM3 is like having a rack system and rack effects. The sound can also be analogised like that, I think.

    I believe it. And I really want to try it one day. But the thicker picks cost 106,- Euro each here in Germany! ?

    I know, that’s where I bought mine!;(

    Some good news, however: my brother-in-law just texted me to say that he’s found the pick under his rug!^^^^^^

    I was over there on Wednesday completing Resident Evil 3 remake:D

    The Blue Chips are made of Vespel - a very expensive plastic material. Maybe one day I buy one (new or used) :) Or get may hands on some Vespel.

    If you haven't tried the Flow picks you really have to. The 1,5mm standard Ultex is the most useful and nice balanced tone imo. 2mm is great too, but here and above it starts getting darker and chirp, chirp ;) They first felt strange to me, until I realized that the "strange" thing was that they glide over the string like no other pick (except the Jazztone 208). The Flow pick is easy to play AND precise like a knife.

    I’ve tried the flow picks. I have a bunch in different thicknesses. Believe me, they have nothing on the Blue Chip picks ;(;(;(

    I bought a Blue Chip Jazz XL 100 (2.5 mm), which cost an extortionate sum (google it!), but it was definitely the best pick I’ve ever tried. Unfortunately, I lost it on Wednesday. I’m not sure I can live without another one, but I’m also not sure I can pay that price again, hahaha:D;(

    Take my advice, ignorance is bliss. DON’T let your curiosity get the better of you!

    My FM3 arrived and I’ve got to say, it’s an impressive bit of kit! The set up of expression pedals etc. is way more convoluted than on Kemper, though creating presets, scenes and using channels is way easier than I was led to believe, even without the editor. Now I have the best of all worlds (bar the still-vapourware Neural unit...).

    Edit : obviously not the best of all worlds, otherwise I’d have the full-fat Helix and Axe FX3 to go along with my Kemper Stage, but you know what I mean.

    lonestargtr Pro tip for checking phase between mics : invert the phase on the one mic channel and tweak the position until the signal is as thin and nasty as poss. Invert the phase back and voila! Thick, meaty in-phase guitar signal.

    I got an HX Stomp a few weeks back, mainly because I was impressed at how John Cordy (YouTube guitarist) was utilising it and how it sounded with his presets. I had the full on Helix for a month years back but swapped it for a ‘78 Marshall JMP combo, as I didn’t like it at all. The Stomp represents a matured feature set in the Helix world and is quick, easy and flexible. It sounds good with the right IR and presets, but it’s no Kemper killer.

    Incidentally, I just got rid of the Marshall and got a Fractal FM3 today. It’s on another level with regards to the Stomp and sounds, though wouldn’t fit in the pocket of my guitar gig bag.

    Mine is at 440 and the damn bubble bounces + and (-) cents, Sometimes 20 cents from zero, even if I barely strike the string. Doesn't matter if I do 12th harmonics. Yes, all my guitars have pro setups.

    Try tuning using only the neck pickup with the tone pot rolled all the way down. Usually it’s the high frequencies above the fundamental that throw tuners off. If your pickups have a lot of high frequency energy, that could be the cause.

    ...didn't realize you couldn't do things like assign buttons for fx / morphing without a remote.

    You can, actually. From the manual:

    Assignments without Remote

    If your PROFILER Remote is not connected, or if your stage is so huge that your PROFILER is miles away from the Remote, you will not be able to reach both at the same time. In this case, enter the Remote Effect Buttons page in Rig Settings, hold one of the four soft buttons, and press one or more effect module buttons to complete the assignment.