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    Sunday morning. Jam time aaaaaannnnddd the the new reverbs are online.

    Chapeau kemper team. Tone Junkie and Have Guitar have done videos, but only for clean sounds. So I go for a distortion sound and a relaxed G Mixolydian sound.

    I used the new cirrus rev which is near to a strymon cloud thing. Changed the parameter to my likes (for the first time) and added a delay. The cirrus is a little bit ducked, so it's not so prominend when hitting the string. It grows up with the tone.

    I used a cool marshall jubilee profile from paults and changed the cab to my beloved fredman 1960AV from deadlightstudios. Thanks guys, this comination sound awesome imho, hope you like the tweak.

    So use the dropboxlink under my signature and download the rig "PaulTS Jubilee REV 1" and let me know if this relaxed Satriani sound work for you.

    I used the Jem 77 FP from 1989 with the dimarzio paf pu's, but I also tried the sound with my music man guitars. They also sound outstanding with this tweak.

    So here is the video and have a nice sunday



    The REV module is still the preferred place for reverb effects. Spring Reverb is an exception: for an authentic reproduction of an analog spring reverb, that one should be placed pre stack.

    Hello Burkhard,

    do I miss something?

    My old reverb presets are tweaked with spending a lot of time and I named the presets which I created after some songs or artist's.

    I can 't find my old presets. Where are these ones located? Would be crazy when these presets are lost.

    Please don't say I have to recretae them with the lagacy module or store them again from rigs where those are in.......

    I try to unzipp the backup to see if they are in the old folder and than I try to copy them .........hope that works

    Hmmm, I load the backup on my laptop, I change the name to .tar and I opend the folder of the revrb presets. All old reverbpresets are there. I copy the presets to the shared folder of my usb stick and put the stick into the kpa. Pressed ecxternal stora and than Import...... Kemper imports user data and tha "No import necessary" All rigs and Presets are already iun browse pool.

    There is no old reverb preset in browse pool!!

    So I've done a new backup of the current beta, where the kemper said that all presets are in brosepool, I change the file again to .tar and unzipped it. There is the reverbs folder and all my old reverb presets where in this folder, sorted by name.

    Back to the kpa: Where can I find them. The kpa said, they aere already there.



    That's so awesome.

    Installed without any problem!

    It works flawlessly ( exept the reported things) and I am very impressed about the presets! Hope we get more presets in future so I have less to tweak;)

    I really love the presets and I wont say something negative about the beta, because I don't know what 6.0 brings, I can only list my hopes for 6.0

    First of all is the preset management. After the delay presets the reverb presets are in the same pool. Cool, if you have an editor and you can choose a preset by scrolling on a touchpaneldisplay like I -pad or a dropdown menue in windows. The scrolling with the knob on the kpa is a pain in the ass. Count how many presets are in there and how long you have to scroll from preset one to the first reverb preset. This must be changed.......

    What else? Nothing:):):):):)

    Great work guys and I can imagine how hard it was ( and already is) to change the complete data system to get these things out of the magic box without hardwarechanges.

    This is the product of the century!!!

    I am very happy that I didn't bought the strymon stuff, CK you save my money:thumbup::thumbup:

    The first playthrough was fantastic. So many new ideas and impressions. I love this green monster:love::love::love::love:

    So finally I'd like to thank the complete Kemper team for this great work. You guys have given us one of the best products on the music market, that's for sure!!!



    Try to change the cab

    For eq, try try to reduce the 2400 hz area a little, hear the impact when reducing ( I do that a lot when I have the grafik eq in slot X)

    Have a look into the amp section........use the knobs and your ears

    You can send soundsamples but it didn't really help because in the end we didn't hear what you hear in your room.

    Hear your sound loud and tweak it. If the volume is too low you will set too much bass.

    Only with these recommend things you can tweak for hours and I can tell you, every minute you tweak is very helpful for own experience, hear what a parameterchange can do.

    One last thing: Switch iff the globally pure cab and use it only per rig ( cab section). If you hear this fizzy fuzzy thing try pure cab.

    If you like have a look to my youtube channel. Some tweak tips there. The sounds you hear there are right out of the kpa into the camera. No daw between.

    Search for kemp man on youtube or use the link under my signature.

    If you like, subscribe;)



    I have met Mattias @ Musicmesse Frankfurt. He’s such a nice guy and a crazy good player. He played some clinics there ( with his comb, ballons and whatever). Believe me, he is a gigh action player , but he didn’t make a show out of it like others and he plays much more accurate than Yngwie. I like Yngwie very much and I have also seen him several times live, but at this time he is a shadow of himself and his playing in his younger years was much better. A little bit furious but when he appeared he was outstanding. Long long time ago.....But Yngwie plays much better than so many others:):):)

    Sunday afternoon jam with the jem, tryin to create a cool solo sound.

    I used the free Ace CF Mac 50 DI profile from the free Ace kemper pack . This cornfort amp is awesome imho. Because of less time I uploaded the tweaked rig in my dropbox for you.

    It's called ACE CF Mac 50 DI Satch

    I played with the booster on and morphpedal full open (yes, there is a morph in this rig). Morphpedal closed =rhytmsound, morph full open = solosound.

    I also placed a +12 pitchpedal in slot D. Maybe you have to delete this when not using an extra pitch pedal.

    So, use the dropboxlink under my siganture and search for this rig.

    Hope you like it, and sorry for some wrong notes I played, as written, a one take sunday afternoon jam:)