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    Hi Alan, OK. That's clear to me but that doesn't explain going from red hot to green by just decreasing sense from 0 to -12 dB. So is that clean one RP 1000 profile maybe profiled d on a much too high level, is it my high output pickups or a combination of both? Hard to tell I guess.


    Check out page 28 of the manual, as there is a setting called Clean Sens/Distortion Sens that boosts the clean rigs.

    Distortion Sens won make any difference to volatility all. However, clean sens is designed to balance the global volume between clean and overdriven rigs so is the one you want to adjust.

    Hi guys,

    In the early years of having my Profiler head I tried a lot of profiles from Rig Manager, Rig Exchange. and was many times looking for a real good clean profile. Once I found a really clean and bright good one..... except for one thing: with my Les Paul the Output led got heavily in red every time. I couldn't understand why. There was no gain to been seen in the profile , so how could I change that? Buy another guitar maybe...?

    BTW, it was this profile ...(RP1000 AC15 cln) see attachment

    Only much much later (!) I could understand the importance of this Clean and Distorted sense...

    I still use this profile but now with clean sense all the way to -12 dB. My Les Paul pickups can't handle 0 dB...!

    But since these two functions are not designed to increase volume for matching with distorted sounds the other option would be: increasing Rig volume. But like I mentioned earlier, often I'm told not to dial beyond o.0 dB there. Anyone here to comment that?

    I've noticed than many profilers like to crank the level (in the stack section) very high - probably to give a false impression of "sounding better" - and it's creating kind of volume war between profilers similar to what we saw in the field of pro audio. It's a bad habit that needs to be stopped for the reason you mention for one (ie. many acoustic rigs have no way to match some distorted ones). I often end up lowering that stack level variable for all profiles of a seller by a fixed 3-4 Db and compensate with giving more in the mains out. However, a rookie mistake is to have louder clean sounds than distorted because when you set them up, you adjusted them to be the same: they usually have to be much lower in the first place because of the context they are usually used in. That balance is a complex thing that takes a while to get right: when you think you have it right, record your gig and check again.

    Unfortunately, sometimes I'm one fo them too.... because of the much too low volume of the (rig manager) profile: clean or distorted! If the clean/distorted sense can solve this problem, then I know what to do from now on...!

    I check the input volume for each slot in my performances while the Kemper is connected to a DAW (in my case Logic).

    Every slot reaches a max of -18db and I try to match the min volume as well (using rig volume).

    That way I’m sure that all my slots are equally as loud.

    It’s really not that complicated and the results are good :-).

    OK. Thanks. I will go for that too.

    You use Rig volume for that. I always kept in mind that Rig volume should not pass 0 Db. So I keep this always at 12 o'clock and don't dial beyond this point. Wrong thinking...?

    Nope, as I said the power amp is just for the red power amp out on the back of the Kemper.

    I guess, you bought the "wrong" product. For you the unpowered KPA would had been sufficient.

    My Powered Kemper is from 2014. Indeed I used the red speaker jack on the back a lot, but since rehearsals without a backline are much friendiler for your ears I use the mixer. much easier to control volume with in ear. (throughout the years I've lost some frequencies during loud rehearsals and on stage with 50/60 gigs a year...).

    So definitely not the wrong product for me.

    To clarify: you only need the power amp to play over a passive cabinet box (the red output on the back of the Kemper, right above).

    The two monitor outputs are passive.

    Yes but I don't need a passive cabinet. At home I always play through my mixer and the studio monitors or directly to headphones. The Monitor Output and Direct Output are only for stereo fx reasons. In live situations I do the same : directly to FOH.

    Seems like the OP doesn’t use a passive cab.

    In good practice (to save energy) I'd switch the poweramp off then.

    Hi Ingolf, Good suggestion for rehearsing at home!

    But when checked for live situationsn , does this mean that increased Power amp will come on top of volume settings of Direct Output and Monitor Output?

    Yes, I know it can be turned off. But why be able to check or uncheck. I rehearse also in my study and the Monitor Output and the Direct Output of my powered Kemper go straight into two inputs of a 6-channel mixer which is connected to two 100W studio monitors . Also a Behringer UCA 202 is connected to my computer. I connect headphones to the mixer and can paly along with MP4 or Mp3 and even for recording. No bother with check or uncheck Power amp...!

    But for live it's maybe another story... should I check or uncheck Power amp for live situations and what is the advantage or disadvantage?

    Hi Craig F, IngoRockt, Hoki Toki, JedMckenna and BrentKer.

    I will try all your contributions. Thank you all!

    And Brentker, I also have a DAW (Adobe Audition) Can you explain how you level volumes with a DAW for matching volumes? Is there a kind of manual for this?

    I have spent quite some time looking in de manual 7.0 to find settings about Power amp and according link (page 7/7 in the Output menu) but can't find anything about it. What are the best settings in this section ?

    I have a powered Profiler so I wonder what is the use of having the link Powered amp uncheked. This is confusing.

    I'm many times struggling to get a clean sound that can compete in volume with a distorted sound. When I use a profile with a distorted profile for the intro or lead solo and have to change to a clean one (with another clean profile), then there's always a big gap in volume. What I do then is getting to the amp section en try a whole lot of other clean amps, add a booster to them etc but I'm always lack of a decent according volume. That is always much to low. in relation to the previous one.

    My powered profiler contains more than 900 profiles (with many clean ones among them) to choose from for the clean part of a song, but it's very difficult to find one that can match , even with my volume pedal to the max. So this is not workable in many cases on stage. I should be able to increase or decrease clean volume with my volume pedal

    So what I do wrong here..? Anyone recognize this?

    I'm in two bands with each a different nummer of songs. I wonder if it's possible to use for each of them a usb- stick with the profiles for that band. I must add that I don't have a Kemper Remote but use a Roland MK II midi footcontroller to which I always have been assigning profiles to my powered Kemper. So what happens with midi assigned profiles from one usb stick when changing to another usb stick with other profilles.

    Also I like to add that I'm always have been in Browser mode...

    I have formatted a usb and have put a number of cabs in a folder on it. I put the stick into my powered Profiler and then I get the message: the usb needs to be formatted. So I confirm this with YES. At that moment the Profiler doesn't react anymore and I have to shut down the whole amp, hoping that this doesn't affect all of my profiles. This is not the case so I repeat thhis procedure. The same result with shutting down theProfiler. What is wrong here...?

    Amazing-according to our developers the 2.3 version of the Rig Manager requires a 7 version of the PROFILER OS. The correct combination for your application is 6.0 Release and 2.1.76 RM release.

    What's happening here...? So my Rig Manager which has version V2.3.9.14935 should not suppose to be working under OS 6.0.0 ? But it does though. Do I understand this right and should I still downgrade R.M.?

    Hi Kemper Support #1,

    Thank you for your reaction.

    I don't know if I understand correctly what you mean here.

    After downgrading my profiler to the previous O.S release for my Powerhead (6.0.0.) everything now works fine again, including my Rig Manager which has version V2.3.9.14935. ( is this the right combination?)

    Or should I downgrade my Rig Manager version now too to 2.1.76, for (mayby) even better communication with my Profiler which now is operating under 6.0.0.

    For the Head/Rack there are perfectly stable release versions available, so no reason to use a beta version in critical applications.

    Yes, there are! BUT NO NEW STABLE versions to where pop up messages refer like in Rig Manager. That was the only reason I updated my OS because of RM. I wonder where you have seen a new stable version...!

    Wish I had never done that! I'm back now to my OLD OS now and only that one works fine.

    That's why it's a beta version... sigh...

    Don't use it when you have an important gig. Beta versions exist for this very reason, to be able to find these kind of bugs.

    What the use of it if it's no good? Why release it with bugs and send it to the world...? That makes no sense for the public.