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    I too found weird they started with the passive version, specially since Stage is passive and it seems to be quite popular (and, as you wrote, there must be more passive versions around than active).
    Also, guitarists are keener IMO to buy an active cab than a passive cab and a separate power amp.

    Maybe they just wanted to be out with something new and cheap ASAP...

    Not for us owners of powered racks/toasters, he says selfishly :)

    The carved eagle on the left was a gift from someone who showed up early at a gig.

    Later I pulled out this guitar. It was a wild coincidence because that night was the first time I had played this guitar live. Nobody had seen it prior to that.

    Someone gave you that guitar? Wow...

    Man I'd give 'em a try anyway , trons have really a specific & killer tone , and the guitar is already a beauty :)

    Thanks Dude. I play in a Tribute to The Cult so the look is also important ( even though its the wrong model, still got the scratch plate on etc. :) ) but giggin for the first time on Sat so we'll see. I know TV jones pickups are good anyway, so its only the look.

    I gigged on Friday last week and ran my little 1x12 unpowered FRFR...I still love it. It does feel different to a regular cab in that there is better spread and clearer dynamics.

    At the moment I don;t miss anything from a cab, but perhaps I need to back and try :)

    Its great we have the choice and another choice is on the way!

    I don't get it...

    You choose your layout

    You have as many or few as you want

    You choose the "quality" - I refuse to spend ridiculous money on mission pedals. I also have a mixture as I prefer a crybaby pedal for wah and Moog EP3 for volume and pitch. I also prefer @bypass, can't stand the vagueness of a click button :)

    Robustness of the pedal is not linked to the main pedal

    So the only downside is having the pedals separately. I mount mine on a board so no additional set up faff. If it had built in pedals, I'd still need to mount it somehow so not really much of a downside.

    I had a FCB1010 and whilst it was pretty good, the expression pedals aren't great, too close together and the pedal itself can get confused easily ( if you clip 2 buttons at once it selects nothing and goes dead).

    I believe its been stated that the current architecture can;t support 2 profiles so its not going to be immediately possible. However I think you request fits into the "dual profile" request that others have.

    I do question the rationale of you really want the in-between sounds (which is the only benefit). All my morph settings are via a button and instant...blurring between does nothing for me - just my view.

    Of course the Roland was a very different in that it modelled sounds, so its the same question as changing parameters like gain are not modelled in the KPA so take you away from the reference amp. So not really apples with apples....

    Same here...its nothing to do with the KPA, in fact the KPA and other digital stuff takes some variation out of the equation ( tube temp, mike placement, type of mike etc).

    Ingolf I am surprised but pleased in what you have said. In the early days I followed your posts and I think it was you that got me to make the move from cabs to FRFR 4 or 5 years ago. Does this mean I've now got to change again? JOKING! :)

    I was using a guitar cab for the first 18 months, miked up. When I moved to FRFR it was so different and I realised how much "smoothing out" a cab gave. For me it became more alive and open and made me feel like the cabs were the compromise.

    There is no doubt its a different sound but to be honest I still prefer FRFR. Never had issues with musical feedback, I use it all the time. I find a better spread of sound and its more "complete". I never found direct or merged profiles helped with the cab BUT glad you've found that missing element.

    However, having said all of that, still going to get a Kabinet :)

    Nice one dude!

    First off,,,,thank you so much,for taking time to respond to me on this ,,,, but I'm a 66 year old, half blind guy,, who with 3 power reading glasses,, can still.. hardly read the tiny little green screen on My Kemper rack, ,I have never been a deep edit guy, I plug in and play, I have an old school,,, amp, cord ,pedal ,mind set,,That's exactly why I LOVE the kemper, since I found the Morgan profile,( and bought an AC 20 deluxe because of it) I have never been happier,But as far as me diving into the little screen and tweaking, That's just not gonna happen, I've tried and messed things up so bad, I had to do a re set- and re-load, from scratch,, no more editing for me,I don't enjoy it,,,

    I'm a player, not a tech,,,,,I need a button,to step on,, it will happen, sooner or later,,

    So,,THANKS so much for all the great advise and help and suggestions,I love this place and all you helpful folks,, ( ducking? I use to shoot ducks with a friend??? )for any of you who wish to hear what Im up to,,,,,,, 200 hundred originals,,,more or less,,

    I think the disconnect here is that:

    1) To transpose you have to transpose something. Therefore a note needs to be presented, then processed and outputed. It doesn;t know to transpose A to Ab if the A hasn't been played yet. That takes time regardless of the hardware and software. Therefore zero latency is impossible.

    2) All transpose pedals will have other artefacts as well - it starts with a complex analogue signal not a digital one. Its not a digital piano.

    3) The suggestion that the drop pedal has zero is incorrect and certainly not my experience. Is it better than the Kemper? In my mind not noticeably but some prefer it. Its dedicated to that task so by definition should be the "peak" of transpose tech. You can't expect other solutions to be as good.

    4) Because of the above, these issues are more noticeable in precise music, which shows up more when clean as well.

    No one is ignoring your issue, its that limited improvements can be made in processing the signal. For different tuning I prefer multiple guitars, is the only true resolution BUT logistically its a nightmare.

    The easier question to solve is probably the other pedals on you board...I have zero pedals now.

    Just to be clear, you are not taking the speaker output from your powered Kemper into the headrush?

    You don;t put powered out into a powered FRFR. You are using the main or monitor out?

    Hence it does not need to be a speaker cable.

    I know a couple guys that pull at least one ear out for this reason.

    *For me* - I'll take the tradeoff to keep my hearing as long as possible.

    I've heard ( pun intended) that pulling one out is even worse for your hearing ( over compensation or something like that).

    I agree that the right way to do it is have IEM's in and actually once you get used to them they are great. What I do like about IEM's is the consistent mix, you can hear everything all the time (particularly when you go a wandering..). Hence why I'm stupid to keep pulling them out...

    Personally I have never got my IEM's to sound close to my FOH and practically you can't. I have come to accept that the sound is compromised for many reasons.

    However, the bigger issue for me is the osolation from IEM's...which means I go with my best intentions and then start pulling them out mid gig...Yep I know, stupid. Tried ambient mikes etc but can't get the same feeling with them even with a good band mix.

    I've had anther pedal. A broken cry baby that I gutted and made into an expression pedal(I know what I'm doing) that has done the same when I used in a different slot on my remote do it as well when I would try to use it for pitch shifter. Toe down should have been an octave but periodically it would be off and when I checked that also showed the little gap that it wasn't at 100%.

    Definately a bit odd...I have done the same with a crybaby and I also have a regular expression pedal...I've not had to calibrate them since I connected them 5 years ago...hmmm