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    Does the Kemper power pedals via the midi cable? My midi pedal won't power but not sure if it's my pedal. Considering a FCB1010, do you need to power it separately?

    ,,,I've been on here for a few weeks and finally tonight I picked up a Powerrack! Not plugged it in just yet, so will be busy this weekend!!!


    Silly question, just about to get my Powerrack and I have a small Rolls midi pedal that intended using for controlling the Kemper. I don't want to do anything sophisticated, just select "patches" ( I might get an expression pedal later). For example not bothered about switching on and off stomp boxes.

    Not sure I understand the different between this and a programmable controller like the FCB 1010 with a chip ? What am I missed? Mapping ?

    Sorry to hijack, but I think its related...

    To me this is a perenial problem....

    Can't rely on sound engineer to boost unless they know your set and songs really well ( and stay awake). Graphic and boost pedals only work well on series effects loops, on parallel ( like marshals) they have limited effect. In front of an amp they increase the gain but not necessarily the volume.

    Same for guitar volume, great for cleaning up the sound but doens't always increase the volume enough.

    In a signle guitar band, these can work ok ( as previously stated). With 2 guitars yiou usually need more punch. I prefered 2 volume controls on my conventional Amps becuase you could set them independantly. You have to balalnce it so that you get noticable boost without a massive "jump" in volume which sounds unnatural. Ideally you waqnt to change the sound as well i.e. a separate channel. That's why I bought my Engl Invader as it does all of this.

    I assume you can set different volumes for different patches on the Kemper ( not got mine yet) so I will be able to replicate this, although teh volumes will be relative..


    Just about to get a Power rack ( this last!!!) and I want to run it with my guitar cab which is currently wired at 4 ohms ( 16 x16 ohm speakers).

    I have read it's OK to run the powerhead or rack at 4 ohms up to 300 watts but it also states in the manual run it at 8 or 16 ohms only?

    Should I re-wire my cab in series parallel to run at 16ohms??

    I know solid state maps are less sensitive than tube amps but I still don't want to fry it...

    Do I need to ask Kemper for a defintive asnwer on this??

    [quote='Khaki_Lackey','']Lead boost is the most overlooked feature ever. That goes for every manufacturer of every amp / modeler / footswitch made, with the exception of some of the mesa amps. Every amp/footswitch should have a boost (solo) switch and every channel on any amp/preamp/modeler/profiler should have a boost volume value.

    ..and Engl...which is why I bought mine.

    Oh, very interested in your experience.

    I have an Engl Invader and looking to get the Powerrack to replace it and go directly into a 4x12 - would be really keen to understand which profiles turn out best etc!!!!!

    ...and welcome!

    Not had a chance to go through all the posts here so apologies if its been suggested, but here is something I'd like....a wireless footpedal, maybe through a midi dongle in the back of the that would be brilliant. Make the footswitch rechargeable and bam!

    I assume you could achieve the same result by profiling a conventional guitar amp through an FRFR speaker as long as you used a mike with minimal colouration...then I guess it's pure amp.

    I suspect on it's own it would sound awful but then put through a regular guitar cab????

    I assume DI always has a cab simulator on ????

    There must be a way...this was confirmed last night when I played a gig and the sound engineer was fact our bass player ended up setting up the PA. As a result I don't think any guitar went through the PA - I guess this is my point, there are many bands who don't mike up their guitars and rely on the backline. FRFR speakers are not that common ( and don't appear to be cheap) so being able to use the Kemper as close to a regular guitar would increase it's versatility massively...and that would be easier by having a raw profile to run through your favourite cab..

    Is this a mad idea ??

    I get this request as was about to mention it myself.

    My starting point is I want a versatile live amp for amp in the room. I know the sounds audiences here are coloured from the mike and PA etc, but at least I know the starting point. All the interactions for impedance etc we currently don't worry about as guitarists. We buy an amp, plug into whatever cab we use, dial in the eq and gain and off we go.

    The Kemper as it stands seems to have more focus as a studio tool or through FRFR speakers.

    BUT - with the inclusion of the power amp in the Power Rack and Power Head, the concept of just pluging into a cab and off I go ( as above) is massively appealing. THEN having the versatility to record and go direct to a PA is a big bonus.

    I don't have a Kemper yet so I might have got the wrong end of the stick here....and in fact this is my only nervousness in getting one, will it satisfy the amp in the room using a conventional guitar cab, knowing that most profiles are created with a cab and mike and then you have to remove that part. I know there are good live sounds but it always seems to be a compromise, hence why people push for FRFR.

    Not sure I'm explaining myself very well, but if you could profile minus cab and mike to get a good profile of an amp....that would kill any another options out there...

    I'm not a sound engineer just a simple guitarist and I think this would be a massive selling point....even if there was a way for companies to profile and I'd buy them rather than just be able to do them myself...

    Maybe this is unnecessary as there are killer sounds to be had for a conventional set up, but I think it's needed as the Kemper would then be the ultimate complete package.

    Am I making sense???

    Very true Gary and Pick909, it's down to what the market will pay.

    No doubt they are good guitars and good on em if they can get it. Also makes resale values strong.

    But I just think people should look at other options rather than just what the headstock says.I'd rather have a musicman Axis...I also had a custom guitar made and it was a fantastic experience and cost less then a LP, but it is unique to me and would be difficult to sell on for anything close to what I paid I suspect. Good job its staying with me for life.

    So it's all down to personal preference and if you want one that much, you'll pay for it. The higher price might even make it feel more special/magical..

    As an example we were late setting up on Sat and had a support band.

    As a result we didn't get a proper sound check. As you all know at a sound check the last thing sorted is monitors. If I'd relied on Monitors to hear myself on sat I'd have been stuffed.

    So the plan is, get it set up to use a cab as a normal amp as now and then play around with going direct with my other band to get the PA sound sorted. Then can consider either monitor sound or FRFR...

    I figure the power amp just gives the options...

    Cheers, both.

    Nightlight, I was after the powered version because for the Whitesnake band I will stay with my backline because with in house PA's the monitoring isn't always sorted, to the point where I won't use my IEM's every time because it's never quite right. Mind you, not had the option to go direct before but small steps and all that :)

    If I can just use the PA then I will but on that basis to start with I'd like to keep control of my backline. The simplest way is to use my existing cab and I don't want to try and find/match a separate power amp. Seems worth the extra expense for the flexibility...

    Also I will consider FRFR's once I've settled with it and again having the built in amp seems sensible.

    Plus I will probably take it to rehearsals as well and they have 4 x12's there