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    So what? I don't understand the whine on this one. If you don't have to reboot mid song it's not a problem at all. A valve amp takes longer to warm up properly, so you do same, turn it on while you wait plug in your leads, get your mike stand set, drink beer, argue about set list, insult drummer and bass player, drink more beer etc ....

    I think this is only a misunderstanding.
    I'm a long- time Thomann customer, and their support has always been stellar!

    I agree, I've never had any problems with Thomann giving anything but excellent hassle free service. I've sent stuff backwards and forwards UK/Germany quicker than most UK dealers respond!

    I second that. A Peterson-like Stobotuner would be a great thing.
    Most important for me is a good visibility from the distance.
    Maybe even a display-colour-change if the tone is "in tune" would be great.

    For live performance I find a strobotuner slow, confusing and very hard to read. A simple bar with a colour change works well. I think the foot control only has a mono LCD though but I cant see why it couldn't work on the head? The bubble thing is pretty but useless at a distance.

    Personally, I always have a TC Polytune on the floor 8)

    The original speakers were four Jensen P10's. The reissue Jensen's are as close as your going to get when broke in, but boy do they take some breaking in! The original cabs were pine.

    The Fender Bassman reissues don't quite cut it. Ply cabs and PCB's rather than point to point wiring, and more modern components make a big difference. Problem also comes from the fact that 50's components didn't have the same tolerance, manufacturing wasn't as precise and a 10% tolerance was often much worse. No two original amps ever sounded the same. There's a really good example here, not Bassmans, but it's older brothers the Tweed Deluxe's - listen to the differences in sound on this collection.

    I guess that the stack trace actually refers to another issue that the one that silently shuts down the app and update the XML files?
    To me it looks like something GUI related rather than some network problem that might be the initial problem.

    Is there something more I could try?

    I feel a bit stuck without the RM... shows how important it has become for the full KPA experience!

    Yea - the display went strange on me tonight and app crashed. Did appear to be working OK for a while, but I don't normally use it with my Mac Pro - mine is normally run on my home PC version and the Mac only used occasionally around at a friends when looking for new sounds.

    I think there's probably a happy medium in terms of accuracy. I have a Peterson Strobe tuner and its difficult I find to use live as its TOO ACCURATE. You have to realise that a guitar will never be truly fully in tune and then decide on a tool that gets you to the degree that you require.

    From that point of view it would be nice to possibly have a few options in terms of the type and accuracy of the tuner.

    This should be possible as the processor when tuning is just on the tuner or playing a rig and the tuner as far as I know ? I've never tried it while playing as I have it set to mute for between songs.

    I have a Peterson Strobe clip on, TC Electronic Polytune 2 and old Korg and a few others lying around. I rarely use the strobe. I do use the tempered tuning settings on the Peterson on acoustic guitars, you get anal, you find yourself forever tuning, once tuned I unclip it :)

    Like you I find the strobe too finicky for a live gig. I use the TC in Meter mode only live, it's quick and accurate. Like a few other have said the bubble on the Kemper is too difficult to see even on the foot pedal, especially so under lights!

    Red - Green - Red stands out nicely. As long as you can adjust the overall pitch and the sensitivity it's all that's needed IMO - Also let's not forget the Kemper is an amp, not a dedicated tuner :)

    Put a capo on, does it still do it? If so it likely not nut upwards BUT I have heard very similar on several LP's - worn nut slots every time. Move truss setting slightly also just to kill that bird :) Use a little Nut Sauce on nut and saddles and trem pivot points. It's always easier to test if you have someone play while you press on various points too.

    After doing all tests again with two people - have a look at the electrics. I'd firstly resolder every joint and retry, if still there, personally I'd look at the output on an o'scope, disconnect the pickups one at a time, put them direct on the scope and play, compare, rules out rest of electrics if still there. If you have't a scope - take it to a tech. Or to rule out the pickups and electrics hold a known good pickup, connected to the scope (or amp) direct over the strings, get your buddy to play and see if that picks it up.

    I've followed Scott and his G System videos for about the past 3 years or so. I found them both entertaining and invaluable for the time I had my G System. It was Scott who put me on to the Kemper in the first place so these videos are going to be very useful for beginners to the KPA like I am to get some great tones dialled in complete with tutorials and the information needed to get the most from the unit.

    Here's to the next one and long may it last.

    I've followed Scott for a while too, his G System work is outstanding and I've no doubt he'll get a good following here too. Glad to see you back Scott :)

    I'm pretty sure that it's the dimmer switch at this point but I'm going to try some things tonight to verify.

    That would do it - damned things should be banned! I wish it were that simple here, all pointing to a beer chiller for us, trying to persuade the brewery to replace it but they aren't playing. May have to resort to sabotage ;)

    I understand now what you are saying. Hmm...that changes things a bit huh...

    Yup - easy way to see is take an am portable radio in and tune around off channel and see if you can hear it on that. You may even be able to figure it out if it's RFI and present by switching things off until it goes.

    That's fine but the issue is ONLY with the Kemper. Not with traditional amps played in the same location.

    I did try another outlet. Did not help the issue.

    I don't have a usable battery backup to try at the moment. So at the moment I can't try that.

    That's fine but the issue is ONLY with the Kemper. Not with traditional amps played in the same location.

    I did try another outlet. Did not help the issue.

    I don't have a usable battery backup to try at the moment. So at the moment I can't try that.

    I thought you said it did happen with traditional amp but to lesser degree? Trouble is Kemper will accept and output a far wider range of frequencies than a traditional amp. Most guitar amps are deaf below about 80Hz and above 8kHz and the guitar amp speaker is limited in the frequencies it will play. Same issue at my local venue, valve amps do it but you cant hear it when playing, Kemper is worse - picks up and transmits the annoying harmonics on the interference straight through to full range speakers and it's audible all the time.


    Likely RFI, we have an issue at my local music venue. You can filter all you like, use filters on the power, DI the guitar, use hum eliminators - it's still there. We know it's radio borne, the guitar picks it up using the strings as an antenna and pumps it in with the signal. In our case it's an appliance that switches on and off randomly like a refrigerator, chiller or glass washer. We got a guy who is interested in Amateur Radio going to try and hunt out the culprit this week. Halogen light starters and Fluorescent starters can be a bitch for doing this, but that's easy to trace, turn the lights off, if it stops - it's one of them :)


    They say 105 working days from the day you ordered...
    I just received a notification of shipment readiness yesterday and I ordered on the 21st. Jan this year. So don't hold your breath. But it's worth the wait... :)


    Mine was ordered 21st Jan too. Got the please pay email yesterday - paid and status changed :thumbup: It was 120 days :thumbdown: