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    Thanks, would it actually make sense to run a single 2x12 speaker in stereo? would stereo effects be better seperated on the 2 speakers in a single 2x 12 or not?

    I used to run a 2x12 in stereo (pre-Kemper days) and it really sounded amazing. Huge difference really.

    Not as "distinct" as 2 cabs, but great anyway.

    We CK himself:

    “The Kone is a modification of the K12H-200, where we have redesigned the inner wizzer cone down to a smaller size, to achieve a different dispersion pattern for the high frequencies.

    The Kone / Kabinet and the adjaced digital part in the Profiler perfectly match. You cannot run another speaker (including the K12H-200) with it, as it would result in a reasonably different frequency responce.”

    Oh cool... I hadn't seen that quote from CK. Thanks.

    Please forgive my ignorance, but why are so many of you guys pre-ordering without even having heard the unit?

    Is it a case of "if it's close-enough I'll be happy because of the form factor" or the ergonomics or whatever, or a fear that stock might be limited for a long time... or both?

    I've never been comfortable about ordering something I haven't heard. Matter of fact, I've never done this. :/

    Given the company history and the reputation of the plugins they've released, I think most people feel it's a safe bet that the hardware will sound at least as good, or perhaps better since they have impedance switching on the inputs (similar to how many ppl say the hardware Helix sounds better than Helix Native).

    The Quad Cortex is not a plugin loader. But it will be able to load the various existing NeuralDSP plugin amps after they've been converted to Quad Cortex format. Owners of the signature plugins will be given access to the same amps in their QC if they purchase the QC, but the signature plugins will NOT be included in the base amp models in the QC.

    I posited last year (maybe 2018) that the new speaker would be based on the KT12H-200. That seemed like the most sense and it's the only existing Celestion speaker that fit every description Kemper was throwing out there.

    What kind of guitar are you using?

    Talking about dual amping or parallel effects routing. We have a unique feature set that is relating to the serial signal flow as it is. That is „condition-free spillover“ of the DLY and REV module, individual output sources such as Stack, Mod, Dly&Rev wet - and especially MonitorCabOff, to switch off the cabinet solely for the Monitor Output and run a real guitar speaker through the power amp. Those features can be set globally, without tweaking every individual rig.

    I would settle for being able to move the AMP block to accommodate more/less stomps pre or post. 6+AMP+2 or 3+AMP+5... etc.

    There is a way higher chance for a bar band to have beer or other beverages spilled on the unit, or it's enough to step into some liquid unnoticed to mess it up pretty bad. I guess aftermarket U bars or plexi protectors will be coming quite soon,

    That was exactly my point. Kemper doesn't hang with the bar band crowd.

    I would be really interested if this is water or any other proof or how much sturdier this is than a normal profiler. I would not put anything on this price range on the floor to stomp on. This is either bulletproof or useless.

    Kemper (i.e. CK) seems to be in tune the with TOURING musician types, not the average bar band warriors. For a touring musician, the rack/toaster + remote combo is perfect.

    I think this is why they took so long to see the need for a floorboard.

    There seems to be profiling in it. It's a button.

    I think one of the Return inputs will be input for profiling.

    It has profiler written on it. So hopefully it does or it would be false advertising!! ^^

    I stand corrected. Just saw in the video where it clearly states "Profiling." You press the browse and perform buttons at the same time.

    I'm still betting same price at the toaster/rack. If it's more than that, people are gonna lose it. :)

    There was a thread a while back about using things like the OX to bake in 3rd party IRs, and whether that constitutes a "new product" legally that can be sold, etc..

    So yes, people are doing it.

    No i can't build a 10db machine, but i doubt in reality that's needed.

    Exactly. Just like nobody needed the "newer" and "better" and "thinest ever" butterfly keys on the MacBooks. And look where that got Apple.

    Sometimes Apple gets all myopic in their design goals and forgets that just because they CAN, doesn't mean they should.

    The problem now is that a lot of production software the target market relies on doesn't NEED macOS any more. They're perfectly fine running Windows or Linux and it's relatively easy to build a PC that tops the new MacPro, in terms of raw specs. I'm saying this as a Mac user. I guess I'm just jaded and largely underwhelmed by new shiny things these days.

    I bet you could build a comparable Hackintosh for half that.