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    8 pages! That was quick!

    So the speakers are available in some markets now, but the software that lets it do the magic speaker impersonation is in a future release? I'm not sure what the extra benefit is over my existing FRFR powered cabs and Celestion- loaded guitar cab.

    Are they? That's not what I read it as. Being shipped to distribution points so as to universally available when ready for sale. Shipping by sea container is slow but cheap and therefore getting them ready to go to satisfy demand makes sense to me.

    Has anyone heard if the speaker virtualizations will be available to all users? I mean, surely there's not a hardware dongle that only lets you use them with the Kabinet/Kone, right? I've got a pretty flat powered FRFR that I'd like to try them on first before I pull the trigger on the new cab and speaker.

    From what I understand, you can plug it into anything and use the speaker imprints. But the Kabinet is not a FRFR cabinet, it is a speaker that works with the algorithm in the Kemper which makes it behave as one. Therefore the results may be quite unpredictable into another speaker.

    Most higher value digital products will have their lifespan planned early on as they are guaranteed to become obsolete at some point. My point was we don't know the plan for Kemper Gmbh. Maybe they hoped to expand until they became GlobalMegaCorp or maybe they are happy working for the current wage and environment. There are people that are content on working with 1-2 year employment contracts and others that need permanence to feel secure. There are those that are happier running their own business than working in a supermarket for the same money.

    We don't know if the senior people in Kemper have everything pinned on coming up with the next Kemper and therefore an interest in keeping up with the competition or have already been working on something completely different. It's not as if the KPA was a natural progression of their product line.

    My point is essentially that we don't know if it bothers Kemper that after nearly a decade, their product is no longer going to be at the front of the pack.

    That all being said, basically this new unit is what I myself and others have been requesting for years for a Kemper 2 version in this forum. I hate to say it again but... sorry I've BEEN saying it again and again: Someone else WILL do it if you don't hurry to do it. These are the fast times we live in and the guitar players wishes are simple: they want EVERYTHING in an indistinguishable real world quality with every option and every effect existing in different low weight and affordable unit formats.

    None of us here are certain of the Kemper business model. As you say, these are fast times we live in; gone are the days where you could build a company with certainty and an ever growing product range and they may have never intended to try to stay ahead of the competition. Maybe their business model was to sell the Kemper for a decade and provide hardware support for a further decade and move on to something unrelated to guitar amps. Maybe there will never be another Kemper amp.

    I'm genuinely interested to see what Quad Cortex will be like but I am not impressed with the marketing literature so far as it seems rather full of scientific buzzwords designed to excite.

    Thanks for those who've made suggestions and helpful comments, Kemper on its way back to home base. I'll see what they say.

    Hope you get it resolved. As I mentioned before, a great number of profile packs from well respected sellers have proved to be garbage to my ears; often I wondered how they had been able to make something sound so bad. After stumbling around getting a little closer, trying profile after profile of amps I've loved or considered I would, i found my perfect base sound already in the box (either factory content or Rig Manager I can't recall which). It turns out that a Splawn QuickRod was what I was looking for but just didn't know.

    Done with a Highway one strat, topjimi Jubilee profile, spdif to RME Fireface.

    No post processing.

    That sounds terrible. If that was the best of what I could get out of mine, I'd be fed up.

    I'm no fan boy but I definitely get good sounds out of mine, with no processing required. I am a set believer (despite a number here stating I'm wrong) in using profiles created with similar pickups/guitar to what I use. And I've been massively disappointed with most commercial packs I purchased too. Not naming names but I was was shocked that anyone would be able to use most of them. I'll now only use free ones on Rig Manager.

    I'd love for you to post a DI track so that we could reamp it and help you find a solution.

    To all that waited patiently with their 32bit platforms, unable to join the party with those with 64bits..... I salute you. You're awesome.

    Thanks to the development team for the fix. Your work is appreciated. You're even more awesome.

    Press the Output button, scroll left or right with the page keys until you find the settings which link outputs to the Master knob. You've likely disconnected the Monitor Volume link.

    Same here. Others have found the same. It is not unique to RM3.0, it happens on other installs too. A fix isn't well known yet but I'm not sure if anyone has contacted Support for help and to make them aware.

    I've been trying for 2 day to install on Windows 10. Each and every time I get: "There is a problem with this Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor"...….I have tried every suggestion/workaround on the internet.

    Exactly this here too. I will be raising a ticket when I get a chance.

    Hi Chris,

    I've followed a few 'How to' guides trying to resolve it including modifying a couple of files in the registry. All without luck.

    It doesn't specify a dll, just that one is missing.

    Error: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor"

    I've got a Windows 10 tablet which throws up a dll missing warning whenever I try to install RM3 so I'm not able to give it a go.

    It's likely that it's due to it being a cheapo thing but thought I'd bring it up.

    Thanks anyway and I look forward trying to get it to work :):):):)

    I've heard so many users here discussing the differences between the results of different monitoring solutions and find it refreshing to read what you write. I've tried a number myself and can hear the differences but never once felt the sounds were so not really quite similar. And certainly nothing that wasn't narrowed down my a simple EQ tweak.

    Meh, maybe my ears are ruined. Maybe I'm just not sensitive to such things. Ignorance is bliss.....

    Blimey. A chap politely states he's getting weird sounds out of his Kemper, identifies the cause and posts some audio when asked.

    Some of the comments in return have a hint of defensiveness and on occasion are mildly hostile. No intention to offend, ruffle feathers or cause any arguments but we could have been a little more friendly on the whole.

    To the OP, hopefully you've solved it and some new saddles will let you get the best out of it.

    I tend to use sounds that have a tight low end, nothing too full or boomy.

    Mids higher than I'd expect.

    Treble a little lower.

    That leads to fairly unexciting sounds at home, not bad as such but definitely nothing amazing. With my band, it sounds full and cuts through nicely.

    Whenever I've dialled in something awesome at home it does not usually translate well at all with a band. Usually piercing but without substance and the only way to be heard is too turn it up; making it even more piercing.

    I've just tried playing with the output settings. I can only get mine as (omitting the less relevant Stack/GTR/Studio etc) -

    Main Out - Master Stereo/Master Mono/Master Left.

    Monitor - Master Left/Master Mono

    As there's no apparent Master Right output, I suppose you could use the Master Left on the monitor and Master Stereo for the main outputs but only use the right output, thus creating a stereo pair.


    The only issue I foresee would be if using the powered out for a guitar cab and the monitor to a power amp into a FR speaker. I don't think you could have a cab simulation on just one of the pair.

    However, you could use one of the main outputs with the cab sim on, and switched off to the guitar cab.

    EH Synth 9. I use it as a kind of double track effect both live and in the studio. Not full guitar becomes synth stuff, more of a 'miss it when it's off' thing; it just fills out the void that exists since the other guitarist quit the band.

    Plus a TC Ditto X2 Jam. It's a looper that stays in time with a drummer. Again just to fill the void when I play a solo.

    As above, this is something commonly mentioned. But on a real amp, each control interacts with the others therefore it still wouldn't be accurate if you profiled the amp whilst adjusting a knob at a time. You'd literally have thousands of combinations (a three barrel combination lock had 720 combinations) and still, it would only be for that very particular amp.

    Maybe the head says you need that but in a real world situation, you don't. Find that JCM800 profile too trebly? Turn it down. It still sounds like a JCM800. Did it behave identically to the profiled amp? It doesn't matter.

    It's pretty shocking how most of my favourite profiles sound so similar and I think it's down to my idea of a good tone. Give me a real amp and I'll dial it to sound like that too.

    Tomorrow would be a nice day. Everyone is free on a Sunday to properly test it out and identify any bugs quickly.

    Fingers crossed.

    I finish work at 2am tonight and start again at 2pm in the afternoon. I am definitely not free on a Sunday.