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    Hi Marcus, thanks very much for your offer. Highly appreciated. To my understanding it would be the easiest way to share this free pack with our fellow Kemperians by just adding a ZIP file with the profiles to a message here in the forum. That's at least the way many do it in the free rigs part of the forum. That way you can avoid hassle and discussion around how free is free when names, e-mails, phone numbers or other data is needed.

    Thanks again and stay healthy!

    yes, that thought crossed my mind , however I originally wanted to post to the facebook group as well so needed a single place to link to. I actually removed myself from facebook a few weeks ago because of all the negativity and fear that was being spread. I thought this might be my small way of stemming that flow and adding something positive to the world. I have been back to facebook to answer questions and see the comments on this and it's been heart warming. The internet has the potential to be a force for the good, perhaps it's a bit like the 'news' though and the negative stuff seems to carry more weight.


    p.s. thanks for the donations , I had a few emails from people who mentioned the donate button didn't work. I've fixed that. :D If anyone doesn't want to fill in the web form just send me an email and I'll send you the pack.

    Ok works now like charm, thanks a lot

    will return for buying for the new tweed pack

    stay safe

    thanks. I couldn't find a better way of doing this so hopefully it wont be too much of a faff for people. I couldn't find a way to just have a direct download and because of merchant fee's etc for my website it's not possible to have a £0.00 item in the shop. So a 100% voucher is the only workaround it seems.



    Hope you're all well and managing this difficult time.

    I've put together a pack of various amps from my studio over the years and in the spirit of helping out in these troubled times it's completely free .

    you have to add the pack to your cart then use the code :

    COVO-19 and you will get a 100% discount.

    The two D*mble amps are now owned by Eric Claptons guitarist :D

    D*mble 50w 102

    D*mble 100w Bluesmaster as used by Joey Landreth

    50's Spec JTM45 with KT66's

    A 1970 Fender bandmaster

    A Custom Plexi

    A Trainwreck Express

    A Z-Wreck

    speakers are a combinations of vintage Celestion G12-65's 2x12

    EVM12 1x12

    Celestion G10 4x10

    there's donate button for those who wish :D

    Have fun


    thanks :D

    Here's a couple of pics from when we were recording last. That's my D*mble Bluesmaster on his 4x12 I haven't profiled that yet not sure how many D*umble profiles people want. I think that amp has the Best clean sounds from any of the ODS special amps so I should really do it. And my D*umble rig with the dumbleator all set up mic'd with the classic U67 and Sm57 same as Marks 4x12.

    Glenn was going to get the EVM 4x12 out to pair it with , now that's a monster cabinet....4x EVM12' s in a needs 2 people to carry it :)


    sorry guy's not been around much lately. Just come over to launch a new pack and seen this. I'm not a consultant for Mark I play in his band :D

    He called me a couple of years ago as I'd been an early adopter, to ask me what i thought about it. I told him it was a great tool for me.

    I haven't seen Mark for a year now since I was in the studio recording with him. I have not seen his tour Kemper as he used a mainly American Band on the road last year so do not know exactly what is on there. His tech Glen told me that there were some M Britt profiles and some of my Dumble profiles on there when they were in production rehearsals last year. I haven't seen or spoken to Glenn since then either.

    Hope that helps.

    Hi Folks. It's been a while but the next amp in the collection is ready.

    The tweed deluxe really needs no introduction. It’s been used by everyone from Niel Young, The Edge, Kenny Wayne Shepard to Larry Carlton and beyond. Designed in the 50’s it’s a small simple 6V6 amplifier with two channels. In its original form it’s a great amp, however it is prone to farting out and various other issues. Howard Dumble decided to put his skill into the amp and basically beefed up all the areas that needed it. Higher filtering in the power section, split Cathodes to stop the 2 volumes interacting and a different, higher voltage rectifier. It's an incredibly dynamic amp and responds to touch and volume/tone changes on the guitar beautifully. The speaker is a Celestion Alnico Cream.


    As usual with my profiling I chose to use a £12,000 Vintage Neumann U67 and the classic Shure Sm57. I got this technique/combination from working with Mark Knopfler for many years and it works great, on this particular amp after some experimentation I mic’d more closely than usual to get the best profiles. There are a total of 46 profiles in this pack.

    Naming protocol

    The amp has 3 inputs and two separate channels. The ‘mic’ channel which I refer to as the ‘Normal’ channel and two other channels which are identical except for the 500pF bright capacitor.

    There are regular and D.I. profiles of all settings. You can use the D.I. profiles to make your own merged profiles with speakers of your choice from other profile packs or IR’s

    price is the usual £9.99

    audio demo's are on the web site: The guitars used in the demo's are: A coodercaster with gold foil pickups and flatwound strings. A warmoth '60's strat, a Warmoth custom 3 pickup telecaster with neck P90 and a 1994 '59 Gibson 335. All the demo's are unprocessed and any FX are from the kemper only.

    Sorry guy's just seen this, I'm on tour at the moment too. Last time I spoke to Glenn , Marks'guitar tech he said my profiles were on Marks's kemper when they were in production rehearsals for the tour.

    Production rehearsals are the final run down with lighting , staging , sort of 'dress rehearsals '

    I've not spoken since then.


    yes, this isn't a clocking issue as it's live performance. I'm convinced it's to do with the reverb patch. I need to trouble shoot some more though and I'm busy for the next day or so and these things take quite a bit of time.

    I'll post back when i have some relevant info though.

    thanks for everyone's attention and thoughts though.


    Can you describe these clicks in more detail. I had heard something like this several times in my sound, too. I didn't know where it came from so far.

    Up to now I had suspected the power grid as a source of interference, but it has also appeared at different places.

    With my Kemper it is a click, which is regular and clicks about 4-6 times per second.

    that sounds similar, just regular, random digital clicks that ping the long reverb on the patch so through a big PA it's a troublesome sound that has to be killed by muting. I'm trying to get it to do it again but not succeeding, it's done it on the last 2 gigs and I can't seem to get it to do it today. I'll try again tomorrow.


    My question (just a question) was: are we gonna see all rigs seller pop in our conversation to make promo on their stuff when we discuss here as users?

    It includes ''respected rig SELLERS''

    I just happened upon this thread and I'm really confused. I'm a commercial profiler and was under the impression after I'd had a warning from the administrators here that it was against the forum rules for commercial sellers to enter into these discussions. How is it that Michael and Andy can do so but I got a warning?