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    Soundside also do a Fender Princeton 1954 with a 1 x 6.5 Jensen which I can recommend, it's not a champ but it's in the same ballpark.

    BTW. I don't get on with Michael Britt' s CL80's either, but I use his excellant Champ (it's a 1964 but still excellent) with TopJimi's cab TJ-Sm Twd2 Cln (Jensen P12R 1x12). It may not do it for you, but it does it for me.

    The Profiler's GAIN knob is tonally completely transparent, which let's you use a profiled sweet spot of an amp over the whole gain range.

    Have you tried turning down "Definition", when turning up GAIN?

    Don't know why it took me about a year to discover this, but I eventually learnt to trust the kemper.

    Now I choose the profile that has the best tone, then adjust the gain to what I want.

    I think there may be some truth to this. Without generalizing too broadly, I think it's safe to say that a louder plucked or strummed note is pretty often considered to have better tone than a softly picked note (up to a point, and depending on context). And this volume can mainly be affected by higher action, picking harder (more effort), and probably string tension deserves a mention. All those things are the enemy of good technique, which for most involves economy of motion/energy, and is greatly assisted by lower action, and often less string tension.

    I agree with what you say about louder picked or strummed strings (provided no real fret buzz) giving a richer tone, also new strings where I maybe guilty in using old strings, probably about 200 hours use on each guitar (I'd forgotten this one).

    But on action, I have read that Yngwie Malmsteen likes a high action, and he's reported to say that it's because it gives a better tone. To me, his playing sounds as though he's playing with a light touch (maybe I'm mistaking light touch for extreme control), and he uses light strings, he also says he likes the large CBS headstock because they give a better tone.

    I always use .009 sets, and pretty low action. It looks like Ruben has a fairly low action as well.

    Getting back to Michael Mellner's original point, it will be interesting to hear Eltzejupp's tests to see if he can get a matching sound.

    I'm very interested in this thread! It troubles me that Michael is not getting the tones he hears in demos, specifically of my products...I most often use testers to make demos for me.....What do you guys suggest for future demos?

    For me, this thread has nothing to do with what profilers are doing, if they say the demo is without post processing then I believe them. It is more about what I have to do as a user to bring my end of it up to the standard of the demo.

    Yours is a highly significant test as the only variable is the player.

    From your interpretation it seems to me to suggest:-

    1. that the player has more impact on the tone produced.
    2. that virtuosity in "chops" might sacrifice tone to some degree.
    3. or that a constituent of chops needs a high degree of power.

    Thanks Musicmad.

    After having done a few tests myself, and realising there's more difference than I though with my different guitars, I'm a bit shocked at how similar your Telecaster and Les Paul is.

    I'm not sure what everybody else thinks, I'm kinda thinking your tests prove that it's not different guitars causing the different sounds. I'm going to have to re-evaluate later tonight. My ears are a bit fatigued now.

    Of course we always have to make sure that volume differences are eliminated, but I think most of us know that by now.

    My tests.

    I used the Ruben section from Musicmad's wav file.
    Kemper 'BM Sold 99 Cases Dist 2' profile into Focusrite 2i4 into Reaper.

    Each comparison is 4 repeats, Ruben Telecaster, my guitar, Ruben's Telecaster again, my guitar again.
    Then next comparison etc etc.

    Ibanez RG2550Z (basswood body, dimarzio humbuckers).
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    Excellent test. I can hear the difference but essentially they do sound the same. This is roughly the level of difference I was always expecting.

    If it's not too much trouble, could you do the same test but with a different guitar, to prove that it's the guitar that causes the difference.

    In my experience, and I've got a couple of packs from top name IRs, I haven't been able to find a single IR (converted with Cabmaker) that sounds better than any of my favourite cabs from kemper profiles. The IRs always sound sort of less dense somehow, with less body to the sound. I don't know whether it's just me.

    "... press on the PC"? What does this mean, mate?

    @Monkey_Man if he is removing all the Rigs in the KPA with RM, “press on the PC” suggests “Select all the Rigs in My Profiler” and press on the “Delete” key of a keyboard connected to a PC.

    Yes, exactly that.

    I'm not suggesting that deleting them in RM is a better way. It's just what I do. I would have thought deleting them on the KPA itself was more reliable.

    How are you determining that you have 1 rig left in the KPA. Are you turning the browse knob and seeing 1 rig, because I find that although I've got 0 rigs, I can still play the last rig I used, presumably left in preview memory.