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    Just pulled my new, used Stage out of the shipping box and it's up and running. I did some searching and couldn't find what I was looking for: Is undo/redo a feature yet? The stage is updated to 8.xx. I saw an older thread that undo/redo was going to be added in a 7.x update. Did that fall by the wayside or am i missing something obvious? Cheers

    There's no quick to anything here Jed. I've been using Kemper for around 5 years. RM has always had problems. If it makes you feel better about yourself to look the other way and quote Rush and blame me, go for it buddy. Yeah the program has come a long way, but it still has a lot of problems.

    RM still needs a lot of work and the various updates haven't fixed some bugs that are years old at this point. Maybe you have the time, but I'm too busy making music to fuck around with RM every time it wants to misbehave. Hugs.

    Kemper has been asleep at the wheel on Rig Manager for far too long. They need to shake up whatever group is responsible for RM or add better engineers to fix it. The whole application is a fucking mess and reminds me of Line6 level workmanship. Come on Kemper, your hardware is top notch and expensive. You need to back it up with top notch software.

    Running the above version of RM and my Kemper head has v Using Windows 10.

    When RM is open, I get an "Oops! Something went wrong :(" message in the editor area and a "Rig Manager requires an update to show an editor" message as well.

    When I try to update RM through the application, nothing happens. I downloaded the update and extracted it but when I try to run the installation, again nothing happens.

    I guess the next step is to uninstall RM completely and reinstall, or am I missing something?

    Hi All

    I'll be switching from an amp to a used Stage which will be delivered today. I'd like to do a few things and wanted some advice on the best way to go about it:

    1. Load all profiles from the new stage into my Rig Library. Should just be a drag and drop? Or do I need to register the Stage to myself first? Will also update stage to latest firmware if needed.

    2. Backup everything on my amp head to PC (i know how to do this part)

    3. Transfer what I currently have on my amp head to the new stage. Is this just as simple as creating a fresh back up off the head and then loading that into the stage?

    At this point, I believe the Stage should operate and contain all the seetings and profiles from my Amp head, correct? Am I missing anything?


    Hi all,

    I'm switching up to a Kemper Stage and will be selling my Kemper head. It's in excellent condition as is the remote (still has the plastic on the screen). Power and CAT5 cables included. Hundreds of profiles can be included if you want. Mostly MBrit, Tone Junky, and TopJimi. Original boxes included. I would prefer to keep this local/fairly local to avoid the hassle and cost of shipping. I'm in central Massachusetts. $1700 for the amp and remote.

    Firmware was updated about 3 months ago.

    Support ticket submitted but I'm hoping there's something I can do until I hear back from Kemper

    Just updated to the latest (non beta) operating system. The kemper freezes at the final step in start up (something about create preset cache) and then gives me a please contact support window.

    I'm looking for solutions, if any, besides a factory reset. Any suggestions at all? I have a recording project starting and I'm trying very hard to keep my rage at Kemper bottled up right now. :)

    For example, is there a way to force the unit to install an earlier version of the OS when it's in this mode?


    I make a performance in rig manager and either all of it, part of it, or none of it copies correctly over to my kemper. In some cases, performances that I have loaded on my kemper will suddenly disappear or be devoid of the profiles and settings that I've loaded into it.

    Is this a known issue? is there a step by step procedure to do this correctly without worry of losing my work? i'm royally upset right now having lost about 3 hours worth of my time as my performances have vanished off of my kemper.

    KPA is not a cheap product. it should not be performing like one. Thank you in advance for any assistance and for ignoring my anger.

    Thanks! After browsing through that, the device should be able to change presets on the Kemper just fine. You can send six messages simultaneously, if I understood correctly. I wish the layout had five buttons in a row though.

    so if this box could be used for front and fx loop effects AND can control the amp... it will be a Kemper remote killer

    Does anyone know if this box could be used to control the kemper (for example switch rigs or control switching in performance mode) AND switch kemper effects on and off AND utilize the onboard Line6 effects at the same time?