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    I'm relatively a new Kemper owner since about 3 mos ago...LOVE this thing! I came from previously using AX8 and Line6 Helix...I actually liked both previous units, but the Powerhead is just killer!..My only complaint is that the chorus effects (ALL of them) don't sound very lush, AND seem to kill some of the sparkle /presence, and highend (EQ-wise)... The Chorus effects on both of my previous units were incredible, and to be honest, the Kemper has been a bit of a let down (just on this one issue so far..) AM I missing something here? I've messed with mix, rate, depth, etc..even tried adding additional eq within the Kemper..just can't seem to get rid of that "in a tunnel sound" when using the chorus effects. I run the powerhead straight into a recto 4 x 12..

    Make a Direct Amp profile of the Boogie. Done

    Funny you mention this.. Yes, duhh...not sure what I'm waiting for (I haven't profiled an amp myself yet, been fortunate enough to have friends who are on tour and hook me up with their profiles..) I just was enjoying some of the other profiles (Marshall, Diezel, etc..) Next thing on my list- profile the MK IV!!

    I find that the Powerhead through my recto V30 cab is pretty crushing and loud enough to play with the band.. When the other guitar player is using his 100w Marshall, I have a bit of a time keeping up vol/precsence-wise...Trying to get to the point where I don't need to bring my Boogie MKIV with me (SOunds awesome, just LOVE the verstility of infinty amps with the Kemper..) I wonder if I may be chasing the impossible and just accept that it it really almost does it all, very well!

    I ran my Powerhead through a 1960 Marsh 4 x 12 cab last night playing with my band..Other guitar player using a late 70's 100W marshall thru a Marsh 4 x12 TV cab..I had no problem "Keeping up" or being loud enough (and we play LOUD).. I have a Boogie MKIV head toi use as a tube slave amp , but I never needed it.. We were all kind of shocked and super impressed....full loud and tons of balls...Probably had the Kemper up about 25%..