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    I ordered two active Red Sounds a few days ago from Thomann. They should arrive tomorrow. Really looking forward to try they out. Heard so much good about them.

    I have been playing with DXR10’s for a couple of years now, but I have never get used not having the cabinet feel. Hope I’ll get that back now





    I have the 112 coming. I can let you know how it is! The 108 would be lacking in bass I feel like. You don't here of many cabs with 8" speakers though I'm sure it's different than a regular guitar cab.

    Awesome!!! You definitely need to post a video and review the sound after tinkering with it for a bit :D

    That's awesome and of course I understand that. I'm in the tough spot where I dug to the bottom of my pockets to already invest in a Kemper alone so another grand isn't going to happen anytime soon ^^

    But then that also begs the question.. do I just buy something like an Alto TS212 until then.. or just wait :/

    ... I second this!

    Headrush just released a FRFR 108 for only $199. I am honestly thinking about trying this before I jump straight to a RS-LG12 because of the massive price difference.

    A few months out, do you still like the RedSound FRFR?

    Come to think of it... are there any good ways to sort through the Rig Exchange?

    I mean, I guess I can just start clicking and trying them all, or "sort by" ratings or Gain or whatever, but a good "explore" mode would be cool. Or maybe keywords that the profiles are associated with... for example "John Mayer Tone from Slow Dancing in Burning Room" or something.

    Just thinking out loud.

    I'm using the Thomann head case as well.

    Heavy is relative. ;)

    I was actually curious about the total weight since my original post didn't include it, so I weighed it out.

    Case + Head + Remote + EP1 pedal (forgot I had this in the case) + minor cords/earphone/misc = about 40 lbs. Considering the Vox AC15 is just about 48 lbs, I guess I save 8lbs but still, my goodness. Lugging 40 lbs up/down stairs every time I play is very fun hhahaha.

    Once again, not a complaint. But definitely something I had not considered.

    So I am very happy with my Kemper <--- Bottom line lol.

    And this post isn't a complaint, I want to protect my investment more than I care about the weight of carrying it around.

    There are many reasons why I switched to Kemper, one of which is to avoid lugging my 50 lb Vox AC15 around.

    However, the Thomman hard case + Kemper + remote is extremely heavy too, I think someone did the math and it was like maybe 5-10 lb lighter?

    Anyways, this obviously isn't a complaint, more like an opening of dialogue of how you guys handle this.

    I was re-watching the official kemper videos here

    It would seem that if the problem is mainly the Green Scream (making an assumption that it is), I might have to sacrifice one of the four stomps in my pre-stack chain exclusively for a noise gate? And then I would position the noise gate after the Green Scream and before stack?

    if its mainly open string feedback when you are not playing then you can add 2:1 gate with threshold set at about 5.

    I guess I should also clarify that I was sort of getting feedback while playing too. It's hard to explain, but I could almost hear/feel the feedback while playing and the MOMENT I would stop, the feedback would kick into gear and I would have to mute my sound.

    Thanks for the input!

    I have not tried other guitars. Currently, my Suhr is my only usable guitar.

    I know the #1 way to fix this (and from searching this forum) is to simply turn down the gain, but I love the sound of the Morgan AC20 with a max drive Green Scream so I am trying hard to maintain this, but I know I might have to resort to turning down the gain if I can't resolve the issue.

    I looked up a couple videos of microphonic pickups and it definitely didn't have that high pitched squeal... it was more normal, mid-range feedback that is typical of standard guitars. I will keep this in mind as I continue researching!

    if its mainly open string feedback when you are not playing then you can add 2:1 gate with threshold set at about 5.

    I will give this a shot! Thank you for suggestion. If you have any other input on anything else I mentioned, feel free to chime in. I will also post back here and let you know if your suggestion helps.

    I have been playing my Kemper direct with IEM for awhile now and really enjoy it.

    However, yesterday I was at a different place and went direct and was hearing myself through an on-stage monitor wedge.

    I struggled with feedback the whole time and the wedge really was NOT loud at all. The only way to cut the feedback was to turn my volume pedal off or turn the guitar volume off, or else it would keep ringing. On higher gain stuff, the feedback would begin as soon as a turned the volume up without me playing anything.

    I was mainly using the Morgan AC20 with Green Scream. I like the Green scream so much that I have one stomp that has 0 drive and another stomp with max drive on the green scream. I couldn't really play the max drive green scream as it would feedback almost immediately.

    1.) I won't be able to test this for awhile since my normal location is IEM, but I will try turning up the noisegate. I might also try to add a noisegate into the stomp section too, but I can't see myself giving up a stomp since we only have 4 pre-stack spots. How high can I turn up the individual noisegates until it affects my tone or the dynamics of my playing?

    2.) Almost all my rigs have "Green Scream" somewhere in the chain and I read in a few other posts that the Green Scream is prone to feedback. Is this the case for you guys?

    3.) I am playing a Suhr Classic Pro with the stock v60lp pickups. I also noticed when I tapped the body of the guitar, I could hear the tap through the PA sound system... I never noticed this before with my other guitars, but that might have just been me noticing everything trying to solve the feedback problem. Could this possible mean that my input into the Kemper is somehow too sensitive?

    Keep in mind I did all the normal things to get rid of feedback.... get further away, angle monitor wedge away from me, etc.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance!

    That should work fine although you don't actually need 2 TRS cables. The switch on the Mission only needs a normal TS cable.

    I did read that somewhere, but for sake of simplicity and not getting them mixed up, I just decided to use TRS on both. That way I just plug in and go without any thinking.

    I am noticing a pattern, the path of least resistance is the one I always take hahah!