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    Arrogant? Huh.

    So many people complained that once they changed a preset, they couldn't get back to 'zero' with any certainty. The presets are there so people can have starting points. They can also see how certain parameters affect the sound. I also like having them so I can dial up a sound similar to plugging in a new pedal.

    The Kemper Drive proved that 'loose' presets was a pain. It was frustrating as all hell for me.

    Can't please everyone, nor should you try. But calling CK and Company arrogant for doing something 10+ years on that others have done since before Kemper existed is puzzling. Others might call it catching up.

    No, i don't think so.
    Yes Presets are handled like Rigs in Preset Packs like Rig Packs by the RM installation and will be delivered within the installation process.

    if you look into the OSX Package (MAC) or into the Programmfolder (Windows) you will find the preset pack folder (Resources/Preset Packs).
    But will be not displayed --- It's a bug sorry.

    It is not a bug.

    The factory presets do no appear at the left on RM. You cannot remove them from the Profiler. Just like the Green Scream or any stomp. They are permanent and don't appear at the left in RM. In the screenshot below, I've right-clicked on the delay slot and moused over to show all the factory presets. The two above them are ones I set up (and need to rename).

    I guess it comes down to do I like the Kemper or the CLR...

    so the feed to FOH stays the same?

    FOH stays the same and requires something in the CAB section.

    The Kabinet is primarily meant for the player's ears. If you want a 412 sound to monitor - then you need a 412 with Kones to do that. The Kabinet makes no attempt to emulate multiple speakers. The compromise you make with a CLR is that you get the sound of 4 12" speakers cooking....but one colored by the microphone(s) and room used to capture it.

    The whole point of the Kabinet is to provide a true amp-in-the-room feel.

    I made this suggestion in a separate thread as part of that conversation. I'd be interested in what the larger community thought. This relates to using RM when choosing a Stomp or effect slot.

    Instead of a right click and nested menus, I'd enjoy seeing a version the menu system that exists on the KPA itself. As in - a knob for type/algo/preset. There are a number of ways to do this with a software interface.

    The current system works well, of course. But compared to working on the unit itself, it's menu-diving 101 (meaning: a bit clunky). The process is also a lot more disconnected from how the same action is performed on the KPA. Once you've selected a preset, it's fine. The controls mimic the KPA's.

    To me, this is one operation that remains much more intuitive when performed on the KPA directly.

    I *love* using Load Type. Especially with delays. Cycle through various options to see if something good, bad or unexpected comes out.

    One item I'll suggest (and will create a dedicated post here in Feature Requests) is modifying the UI for selecting type/algorithm/preset in RM.

    Instead of a right click and nested menus, I'd enjoy seeing a version the menu system that exists on the unit itself. As in - a knob for type/algo/preset.

    The current system works, of course. But compared to working on the unit itself, it's menu-diving 101 and one of the operations that's more intuitive when performed on the KPA directly.

    Man, this forum is awesome. I took Ruefus' advice and tried playing the Tele with my cell phone in the next room (instead of in my pocket). Almost no buzz or noise at all. Problem fixed (and I'm a little embarrassed I didn't think of that earlier). Thanks for all the responses.

    Glad that worked.

    I hate to admit that I chased noise with my Tele for the longest time......then pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and *poof*. Problem solved.

    Then I just sat there and thought to myself " idiot....weeks if not months of this idiot."

    In reality - you only need to get things a couple feet away, but whatever works. Play around with it.

    If it's a vintage-style set of pickups, a Tele is inherently noisy to start.

    Get every piece of electronic gear away from your guitar and the Stage. Cell phones, tablets, computers...anything plugged in or with a battery that doesn't need to be there.

    I used to get all kinds of noise from my Tele....then I took my phone out of my pocket and it lessened quite a bit. Another common culprit is lighting. Especially with single coils - fluorescent lights can generate enough noise to wake the dead.

    As Burkhard said, saving the Amp module saves a preset for *just* the amp module. That preset is saved outside and completely independent of the performance.

    The only way to save your changes in the performance is to save the entire performance. This goes for making as little as 0.1 value change to one parameter. You will always save the entire performance.

    That may sound like overkill, but to me I like it that way. ONE way to save changes in a performance...instead of various ways you need to remember.

    I have good reason to believe that morphing between 2 different profiles is absolutely possible. I will be highly surprised if we don't get it within the next year.

    From what we've been told previously (and of course, now I can't find the relevant reference from CK to corroborate my statement), morphing between two profiles requires both profiles to be loaded and active simultaneously. Current hardware is not (and cannot be) set up to do this.

    The only way to do this now that I'm aware of is two KPAs, or an entirely new device. The latter requiring an overhaul of the KPA OS as well as features in RM not even hinted at.

    My two cents:

    There is no substitute for in-person, personalized coaching and instruction. If nothing more than for having someone hold you accountable and not allowing you to waste time on things that don't matter. Sometimes the biggest problem is you forget where you were going.

    This is true in business, where the vast majority of highly-successful people have advisors and coaches.

    Not having a coach and/or trainer in athletics guarantees you'll never reach your potential.

    If education only required video and reading, online learning during COVID would've proved in-person was unnecessary for prime effectiveness. In reality, it proved much the opposite.