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    I primarily use paid profiles. Even then I purchased packs from a variety of sellers before I settled on one seller's profiles that worked for me. If I only had the factory profiles and the Rig Exchange profiles available to me I likely would have sold my Kemper within a month of getting it. As you can see from the responses there are many folks for whom the factory and Rig Exchange profiles work quite well. It's all a matter of personal preference. I've quit purchasing profiles after having settled into a handful that serve my needs well. It just takes some patience and a little trial and error to find what works for you. Sorta like shopping for a guitar or amp to find the right fit.

    This is an experience that everybody complaining about the learning curve on a modeler/profiler should do. Studio 22, Mark II, Mark IV and LS....Mark IV was like the Rubik Cube...

    I had a MK IIC+ combo with an EV speaker back in the late 80's early 90s. I stumbled upon a tone I could live with and never touched the controls again until I sold it. I bought a new and heavily discounted JP2C head in 2017 simply because it was so marked down I figured I could sell it to get my money back if it didn't sounded as amazing at home as it did in all the YouTube videos. It made me misty eyed for my MK IIC+. Largely collected dust for two years. I traded it for a mint Kemper powered toaster, remote and bag. Best gear deal I ever made in 45 years. Do not miss those Boogies.

    As far as Rhett is concerned, he's complaining that the device won't do what the device was not intended to do. I've seen a fair amount of his content. You have to wonder sometimes "Is Rhett Still Worth It In 2022?". I used to watch a lot of these YouTube presenter videos until I realized that most of them are just shills for the manufacturers and honestly none of these guys would be on anyone's radar if it were not for YouTube. It's hard to find a video from any of them of a new product they don't like. In this case, Rhett is not and has never been a Kemper guy. Life goes on.

    I wouldn't call it overrated - it just doesn't seem to matter much to most guitar players. YouTube is glaring evidence of that. I've always put a premium on it. Tried to learn all the little maintenance stuff I could about nuts and bridges and frets to help the guitar stay in tune. Then you have to learn to tune to your playing style and learn how to play the instrument in tune. I have an old school Peterson 450 strobe tuner that I have had since the late 80s. I have found the Kemper strobe tuner to be so reliable I use it for everything now including setting intonation.

    All that goes out the window if your guitar parts are buried under bass and keys and sax.

    My gigging days were far behind me long before I ever got my Kemper but I feel your pain. Most days I play in bare feet or only wearing socks and it works OK but I wear a size 12/13 shoe. I have often pondered how I would ever use the remote in a live situation. The bottom row of buttons works alright but changing stomps would be a struggle. If I start to play with shoes on they immediate come off. I guess I would have to play barefoot.

    Yes, you can. I use a short six foot generic ethernet cable for my rig for home use and it works fine. Shorter is actually probably better since the remote is powered by the USB connection and a shorter cable has less wire and resistance.

    I got my Kemper powered toaster and foot controller in Spring of 2019 before RM was released. I operated the unit in Browser mode exclusively. Never used the Performance mode. After RM now I use it in Performance mode pretty much exclusively. Performances are so easy to set up in RM - just drag and drop (it helps that I have two monitors). Even setting up new profiles that I download or buy with the effects the way I want them is a breeze in RM. I have never done any deep dives into the extensive capabilities of this device (and probably won't since my needs do not require it) but I would have barely scratched the surface without RM.

    The there's the phenomenon of sound checking in an empty room versus playing in a room full of people. Once I learned how to do the former in anticipation of the latter my gigging life got much better. We never played rooms with a house PA. Always carried our own. We could play two consecutive weekends in the same room. Sound check the second weekend sounded like dookie. "Don't touch it". By 10pm it sounded fine.

    Wanna know who I trusted the most for advice about the mix and the FOH sound? The band wives. They were there every weekend, they knew what the band should sound like and they could relay what they were hearing in plain English. Rarely did I trust the ears of some random Budweiser swilling patron.

    Boy, how I wish I had a Kemper way back then.

    Once you get your head wrapped around that you are listening to a "live amp" but in the "control room" It's fine.

    That's the bottom line right there. When you fire up "Back In Black" by AC/DC Angus doesn't suddenly appear in your room wailing away on a JTM 45. What you are listening to is a great amp, well miked, recorded, mixed and mastered. The same concept applies with the Kemper. Once you can wrap your head around that concept the Kemper makes sense. Spinning your wheels trying to completely replicate the device it replaced is pointless and an exercise in futility.

    Curious, which ones do you use?

    Yamaha DXR10. Mine are the original ones. They now have a MKII series but I don't know what the difference is. They look identical to mine and I think the specs are the same except for the price. Mine were $600 each. The MKII sells for $795. They got rave reviews across the board on the interwebs but Ingolf's in depth review and recommendation here in the forums led me to pull the trigger. Bought the first one and loved it and immediately bought a second to spread out the sound stage a little. I use them as floor wedges angled up at me. This is the rig and the tone I have been seeking for over 40 years.

    So what have we learned from this exercise? Probably nothing. Some people like FR and some like speaker cabs. The FR crowd can't even agree on one particular FR solution that sounds best. The speaker cab guys split between the Kemper Kab and traditional guitar cabs. The traditional cab guys are all over the map as to which speaker sounds best. The Kone guys split between the Kemper Kab and putting Kones in a regular guitar cab.

    Just like pickups, strings, guitars, tubes, picks... even Kemper profiles. This is something you just have to sort out for yourself. Try your Kemper in as many different scenarios as you can until you find something you like or find the tone you are looking for. If you purchase something without having heard it try to buy from a retailer that allows returns if it does not suit you. There is no one size fits all in the "off the rack" world we live in.

    I chose FR and chose the particular FR unit I purchased (two of them, actually) based largely on the glowing endorsement of a well respected member of the Kemper forum. He has since moved on to another FR unit and then to the Kemper Kab, if I recall correctly. Luckily, he was spot on about the first option. So, there you go.

    I got this info from this link:

    "This is a list of all factory rigs that are available for the PROFILER™. A selection of these has been preinstalled in your PROFILER. Any Rigs in this list that are not part of the current factory content can be installed by either downloading the Rig packs from the download section download section of our website or by importing those Rig packs via KEMPER Rig Manager™."

    I use the Kemper strobe tuner.

    I use the bridge pickup which is usually a Duncan JB.

    I pluck the string (D'Addario XL110 set) with a pick (Dunlop 1.14mm Tortex) and tune on the attack, always tuning up from flat to in tune, never from sharp.

    Years ago (decades, really) I always used the neck pickup simply because my old Peterson 450 seemed to prefer that. After I switched to the BOSS TU-2 I started using the bridge pickup. One thing I have noticed is that not only do I need to warmup before I play so does the neck of my guitar. I usually warm up a little bit to let the neck and strings to warm up a bit before I tune up. If I tune it cold I usually have to retune a little after I play for a few minutes. Then it stays in tune. My primary guitar is a 1984 Gibson Explorer. I cannot stress how important it is to have properly cut nut slots that are clean, polished and lubricated a little bit. Big Bends Nut Sauce or plain Chap Stik are my go to lubricants. A little dental floss works wonders to polish things up smooth.

    I prefer FR. I have a powered toaster but I have never liked running it into a guitar cab. It always sounds like I am throwing a blanket over my tone. I did that for the first week or so that owned my Kemper. I thought it sounded okay and had potential. Once I switched to FR there was no going back. I run the monitor outputs to powered floor monitors. I dig it.

    Until i bought it, installed it and boom...instant disappointment.

    So...what the f$#@ am i doing wrong?

    What are you doing wrong? Maybe nothing. My experience has been largely the same as yours. I have purchased profile packs from at least a dozen different commercial profilers. Most of them were "one and done" as in I installed them and tried them out and deleted them. Maybe I didn't spend enough time with them. The only profiles that I really like are from MBritt. They are plug and play for me. Sound great right out of the box with no tweaking. Of course, that's just personal preference but I figure if those sound great on my setup (Kemper toaster into two Yamaha DXR10 powered monitors on the floor facing up as wedges) the others should come pretty close and they don't. Not at all. I've stopped buying profiles from anyone else mostly because I have all the tones I need but partly because I am tired of being unimpressed and spending money for the privilege.

    I love love love the "Fender Dual Pro CLN" in the Rig Exchange by author N8. Great, full bodied Fender clean tone. It's the only profile from the Rig Exchange that ever made the cut and stayed on my Kemper.

    Instead of transposing the guitar I transpose or fine tune the track I am playing along to using Transcribe! From It is a fantastic little software app that makes learning and playing along to track super easy.

    Why not just use transpose on the Kemper? Because I can still hear the guitar strings at their natural pitch along with the transposed tones from the KPA. Having everything doubled a semitone apart can be a real pain in the backside ?

    My music is entirely on mp3 these days. Before I got my Kemper I either changed the key of the mp3 with Pitch Switch or switched guitars since I always kept one guitar tuned down a half step (still, a hassle to switch guitars). At the volume I play you cannot hear the strings over the din. When I listen to AC/DC so do my neighbors. I will check out Transcribe for those songs that aren't exactly in standard or exactly one half step down. Pitch Switch does not offer any fine adjustment that I can recall.