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    I found a lot of nice people in Fractal forum, too.

    I got the AX8 when I knew about its existence. I didn't even think about kemper because I wanted an all in one solution.

    As soon as the Stage was released I got mine. Well, I really bought it before it was released.

    I actually prefer Kemper way. If it'd fit in a cabin case, I'd use it overseas, too, but that's not the... case.

    I don't use the AX8 anymore because it's really too much (and too big) for my actual needs (overseas I use my Atomic 6).

    I'm waiting for a little Kemper to be released. I "know" it will happen sooner or later. I'll pay for it as soon as it's possible. That will be close to perfection.

    I read the full manual before receiving my Stage.

    I forgot most of the things before receiving it; it's very extensive.

    Now, when I have a question I Google it or ask here.

    I've found some great functions that I didn't even know they existed (keyboard shortcuts, the on/off modes...).

    I mean you'll always find answers to any question you could have. Take it easy and enjoy the ride.

    Ok. I got it. Very interesting.

    When I use a ping pong delay, or a tremolo in stereo, the sounds are the same in both sides, but they sound in different moments. I perceive it as stereo, but I understand what you say.

    Kemper is... cheating us. :)

    It makes my think about the Holophonics. I had some sounds archives somewhere. I guess you know about them. If you don't, you can find a lot in the web. It was absolutely incredible hearing those sounds coming from any possible position (L/R/up/down/front/back) and distance in the sound field using just regular headphones and stereo player (and any kind of stereo sound archive).

    The Left and Right channel will sound different when using stereo. The Left has more top end (bright) and the Right has more low end (dark). Use some studio headphones playing a stereo track in DAW and pan the L and R channels across themselves and you can easily hear the difference. If you want the Left and Right channels to sound the same then you send out dual mono.

    Well, that's exactly what's going on (I can interchange the Left and Right positions with the Stereo parameter). Why does it happen? Why do they sound different? (Just curious).

    If I go mono I will lose the stereo image, isn't it?

    (By the way, I cannot find the Dual Mono option in the manual nor in the Kemper itself. Is it just "mono"?)

    Thank you very much!

    I have not played with it but can venture a guess:

    - If using modulation, one echo may be colored before the other echo.

    - The Kemper may be altering the frequency response of L/R to create more of a STEREO feel.

    No modulation at all.

    But your second guess could be right: It could be the Kemper altering the frequency response.

    I'll keep trying. Just for fun; We all know there are many other options.

    Thank you!

    How are they different?

    Is one darker than the other? Do you have Low and/or High Cut happening? If subsequent repeats go to alternate side this could make them sound different.

    Oh! That makes sense!

    Yes, one is darker.

    It could be just that.

    Sometimes I make things more complicated than they are. I was probably assuming that, having two separated delays, each one would have its own... way and it's own degradation.

    So what you say is probably the answer to the mystery.

    I can't try it until Friday. I'll tell you as soon as I do.

    Thank you very much.


    Yesterday I got a second Headrush 108.

    So I connected the two of them in stereo.

    Then I added the Dual Delay to the profile I was using.

    I noticed the repeats sound different in each amp.

    I thought it was because one 108 was new.

    But then I found that with the Stereo parameter I can send each delay to the other side (from +100 to -100). The result is the sound of the repeats is still different but they have interchanged their positions.

    I couldn't make they sound the same and it's very strange to me.

    Have you experienced a similar behavior?

    Any help on how to make both sides sound the same?


    I think I found an explanation.

    After update, I wanted to try the Double Tracker, so I connected the Stage to my two JBL 305s.

    The DT sounded nice. Then I reconnected to the Headrush and I found it sounded better than before the update. It was probably just because I liked the Headrush more than the JBLs, (yesterday).

    Today I just used the Headrush and it sounded like before.

    Always mono.

    At home I use my Stage with a Headrush 108.

    At rehearsals I go straight to the desk.

    Live, I use In Ear Monitoring.

    At home, I make corrections, depending on the guitar, with the output eq.

    At rehearsals I first adjust the eq in my channel at the desk. It works.

    Live, I have a very nice sound with the IEMs. Our sound man does what he thinks it's correct for the PA and it doesn't affect what I'm hearing.

    I must say I don't use a lot of effects and I don't pretend to have a perfect sound in every situation. I just go for an almost raw sound that cuts in the mix. Well, Actually let's say 5 sounds: same kind of amp with different eq and gain levels, some reverb and delay and some wah when I want them.

    I'm thinking about another 108 for the double tracker at home, to try it and see if it's ok for rehearsals and live use with my band. There is another guitar player and I'm not sure it is a good idea. If it is, I'd use stereo delays, too.