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    This may be out of interest since the Kone and the cab are already here, but I recently brought my 108 home from the rehearsal room and I've been checking it against the Yamaha face to face.

    Yamaha wins no doubt. It's much more clear, clean and had better dinamics.

    The 108 sounds more compressed, distorted, and it hasn't that clarity. It also has that bass presence... Maybe it's great for metal players or for others, but not for me.

    I know with such a different price tag they are in different worlds.

    Anyway the 108 sounds great for the price and is very handy. If I had to buy one today for rehearsals and playing at home I'd get the 108.

    But, for me, the Yamaha's sound quality is simply better.

    This is from the Reference Manual about the specifics of the DLY Module:

    ...., there are good reasons to choose the DLYModule for the delay effect:
    ·delay sound (as well as thereverb tail) won’t be cut off when you switch Rigs (“spillover”) if placedin the DLY Module
    ·delay sound (as well as the reverb)will be directed to separate outputs if output source is set to "Del/RevWet" in the Output Section
    ·DELAY FEEDBACK and MIX knobsare exclusively linked to the DLY Module.

    The option to deactivate spillover can be found in the Rig Settings - so it's Rig specific.

    Hello, Burkhard.

    So... The delay "spillover off" function doesn't work when the delay is placed in the delay module.

    Is that correct? I've been away from my Stage since the beginning of the Covid confinement. Now I'm back and was trying to set the spillover off and... No way.

    Thank you in advance, Burkhard, and I hope you all are well.

    I can's see much difference. My KPA takes uses 1min3sec to boot to tuner. Then add another 14sec before the remote gets connected.

    To me it looks like the NVRAM use to store the firmware must be very slow, but there isn't much to do about that.

    The delay to have the remote connected OTOH is simply unnecessary. Recent versions of firmware delay power to the network port to prevent the remote from booting up before the main unit is ready and sit waiting with periodic retries to connect. The better approach would be to implement both the KPA and the remote as broadcast transmitters and receivers. Then each unit would first ask if the other is present before connecting, and fall back to wait for the other if there is no response within 50-100ms. With no delay on power to the network one would thus have instant connection once both units are ready, with periodic retries only as a fallback in case of wiring problems etc.


    I think mine is much faster. Tomorrow I'll check it.

    I believe that there's a popup that asks if you want to update. Are you seeing that? Perhaps it's suppressed or underneath another window?

    Yes, I see the popup and I accept the upgrade. Then, nothings happens.

    When I click again to search for new firmware, it's there again, so no upgrade.

    Not s big problem. I can do it from the pen drive, but I'll try a few more times

    Thank you!

    I cannot do the automatic update from RM.

    RM detects the new firmware for the Stage, asks me to upgrade, downloads it and nothing else. I've tried a few times.

    It's there any trick to do that or should I go the pendrive way?

    I had the same thing going on with latest beta. It only happened in performance mode. I don't know it is the same for you, but I asked here and timo answered this and I think it's a great idea:

    Quote from Timo:

    A lot of people fell over the default behavior with the Stage and talked about "loosing the edits".

    So for now, when Rig Manager is connected, the "fast slot switch" that discards edits (enabling/disabling stomps is an edit) is replaced by the edits itself. This way, you can edit your performances with RM and have the old behavior in live situations (no RM).

    We will discuss about an option switch for this.

    Used the Stage live for the first time last weekend, with the latest beta OS, playing Main direct to FOH and MON to a Behringer Eurolive 212A powered wedge.

    Couldn't believe the quality of the sound. It was exactly as if I was playing in my room and everything just worked, perfectly. I even had one transpose patch, which also worked a treat.

    The only issue was that it was a big stage and some other band members couldn't hear me clearly - mixing issue or need a more powerful stage monitor?

    Floor monitors is the solution.

    Or In Ear monitoring.

    If you were comfortable onstage, having a more powerful monitor (and pushing it) will hurt your ears and musicians at the other side of the stage won't hear you much better.

    I know. I just want it louder but perceive it being more distorted and I don't know why

    Same here...its nothing to do with the KPA, in fact the KPA and other digital stuff takes some variation out of the equation ( tube temp, mike placement, type of mike etc).

    So you have the same problem?