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    I Iike him so much... Classic but original, full of tricks... He is so expressive... Very inspirational. And, while being very accessible, so far away from the mainstream... And a lot of energy and feel.

    Well, I really cannot explain it, just go and see and hear him playing.

    I saw Robben Ford live from the front row and his Dumble was pointed straight at me. It wasn't that balanced in the mix to me, but it's still the sound I "hear" when I'm thinking of the best guitar sound ever. 😎


    How close?

    I forgot to say seats were very close to the stage. Maybe 1,5 meters away, so maybe 5 meters away from the amps which were exactly at the height of our heads.

    I also forgot to say the concert was beautiful and I absolutely recommend it.

    And Skye keeps singing better and better. She is incredible. Even better than the records.

    Hello, let me explain, please. I just wanted to share this with you.

    Yesterday I went to see this band I like sooo much.

    Big auditorium.

    I had my seat at first row. In the center. Just in front of the singer. File 1 Seat 1. As I love the guitar player's sounds (very classic Tele and 335 sounds with, yesterday, an AC30 and a Hot Rod Deluxe) and style, I also got tickets for first row but just in front of the player (yes; that's the kind of freak I am). I finally decided I'd use the one in the center and gave the others to my brother, who also plays guitar.

    From my position, the guitar sounded... Perfect. That's the word. Perfect. So beautiful...

    In fact I thought I should consider using my tube amps again for some gigs.

    Until, at the end, my brother (remember: he also plays guitar and was also in first row but exactly in front of the guitar player), told me the guitar sounds were so horrible and loud that he couldn't really enjoy the gig.

    The only conclusion I can get:

    I got the right tickets.

    Get yours right now but, please, not in front of the guitar player in the first rows.

    I'm not saying at all he should use a modeler. No way. Never. But I have to think... What about some guitar amp shields?

    And... Yes... How could it sound with a modeler, for the audience?

    To me, it sounds like the cab block/s was/were disconnected.

    Did you use the same outputs you use at rehearsals?

    Did you check the sound after the gig (at home, rehearsal room...)?

    Last weekend I had a private gig in a local social club.

    Being able to sound just through the PA (we all use IEMs) is just fantastic. The absolute control of volumen and panning takes you to a new level (I think it's not necessary to tell in this forum about the sound quality you get from Kemper).

    That and an Evertune equipped guitar and I was in paradise.

    I just missed we had, for the first time, and lost, the chance to use one of those transparent drum shields (yes, our drummer is the missing link).

    I would say that if you are doing fly gigs, get a flight case. I have two Kemper stage units and they are both flight cased.
    I have those two Kemper’s and two guitars that are also flight cased. They all go in the hold on the plane.

    I know that once we get to the destination country for our gigs, all our stuff is then put in the van the promoter has. Usually with the the rest of the hire gear for the dates.

    The last thing you want is your Kemper in a little soft bag being banged around in the back of a van by every other piece of gear that is in a proper case.

    Obviously, this is how I do it but you may have other reasons that you don’t want to do it like this.

    I'm not in that level (I'd like to be there). We take care and carry our own gear and we travel with it in the van. The band, our driver/roadie and the sound man. So I'm the one who carry my gear to the airport, to the van, to the hotel, to the venue...

    I like to carry everything at the same time: guitar on my back or in one hand, and trolley with everything else in the other.

    I remember an interview with someone at Marshall amps some years ago. He said they made the big money with the solid state amps.

    Some people just use one sound. Or two. If I used just 2 sounds and I was in a big and famous band I wouldn't worry about carrying many Kempers or tube amps, but if I use just one or two sounds and I play in a working band with no roadies, I'll use another gear. And that's what I do with one of the bands I play with. And overseas (like 30 gigs per year; that's 60 flights).

    I'm really using live just 4/5 profiles (generally same amp model with different levels of gain and optional delay and reverb) so the Stage is a little two much.

    Believe me: I love my Kemper. I still think what they do is like... Science Fiction (because I don't believe in magic). If someone told me in the past about the possibility of a device doing that, I wouldn't have believe it was possible. But I'd have a lot of fun thinking about it.

    So... I'm just having a lot of fun thinking about it: a shortened Stage that does what I'd like. With Tap tempo, please :)

    I'm sure they'll make it.

    I don't carry my Stage overseas because it doesn't fit an airplane cabin case. I used to carry a Fractal AX8 because it perfectly fit the case.

    Now I fly with an Atomic Amplifire 6. It's so little I still have room in the case for every other thing I need for these 2-3 days journeys, including the spare modeler (Atomic Ampli Firebox). Well, the guitar doesn't fit.

    I wish they made a Kemper that size and I'll get it as soon as they release it.

    I found a lot of nice people in Fractal forum, too.

    I got the AX8 when I knew about its existence. I didn't even think about kemper because I wanted an all in one solution.

    As soon as the Stage was released I got mine. Well, I really bought it before it was released.

    I actually prefer Kemper way. If it'd fit in a cabin case, I'd use it overseas, too, but that's not the... case.

    I don't use the AX8 anymore because it's really too much (and too big) for my actual needs (overseas I use my Atomic 6).

    I'm waiting for a little Kemper to be released. I "know" it will happen sooner or later. I'll pay for it as soon as it's possible. That will be close to perfection.

    I read the full manual before receiving my Stage.

    I forgot most of the things before receiving it; it's very extensive.

    Now, when I have a question I Google it or ask here.

    I've found some great functions that I didn't even know they existed (keyboard shortcuts, the on/off modes...).

    I mean you'll always find answers to any question you could have. Take it easy and enjoy the ride.