Guitar wireless system for Kemper Stage

  • I tried one - a U2 wireless and it was pretty reliable in the house, but I wouldn't trust it for gigs... I'll also say that recharging was a constant pain (at least for me) to remember... ultimately, I sold it and I'm back to a reliable cable.

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  • I have a SHURE GLXD16E since many years. It's expensive but have never had problems with this device and the battery life is endless...

    I assume there are cheaper solutions today that works great !

  • I will only buy wireless units from two companies, Sennheiser and Shure. I have tried others but these two are the only ones I have had stand the test of time. I even had one of the cheaper PG series Shure units that lasted for a good number of years, until a bass player I loaned it to dropped the belt pack on concrete during a gig. I had used it for many years before this event.

    I will also say I have had next to zero issues with interference with both of these brands of wireless units. I currently have a Shire digital unit, the pedal model, that I have been using for years, as well as a Sennheiser analog unit that I have also been using for years and a Sennheiser IEM unit. They are worth the extra money IMHO.

    As a side note, I have also doubled as a soundman for many years. I have seen all sorts of wireless units on stage. I have seen many issues, but, not with these two brands.

  • I have a SHURE GLXD16E since many years.

    Same here and super happy with it, never had any problems on stage or in the rehearsal room. As well it is pretty good with the receiver in the pedal format. Fits probably better aside of your Kemper Stage than any rack mounted receiver. My bass player has the same thing and is super happy with the low frequency handling.

    Some here in the forum say though that as this is a digital unit (i.e. shares transmission band with WLAN and similar technologies) it might be affected negatively as soon as many units are around. Personally I never had negative effects with that but I could imagine that in areas with higher density of devices this could become problematic...

  • I have a line6 g90 in a rack with the kemper.(I also have a g30, and g50 they all work great, and do not alter the sound in any way) The IEM’s are a separate thing. They exist in a separate rack with the others for the rest of the band. The guitar/kemper/wireless are an input. The IEM’s are an output.

  • I've been using this cheap ass LEKATO WS-50 5.8GHz lately !

    Never had an issue :o


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  • I cannot recommend the Boss WL20.

    Mine had so many dropouts that I returned it and got another one. It was the same. I had the receiver attached to the mic stand, so it was like half a meter away. As soon as I separated a little, it failed. I only use it at home now. I do around 50 gigs per year. Most of them open air.

    Then I got a Xvive and it works much better. No dropouts.

    Previously I had line6 g30. Works on batteries, so...

    I got the G10 and I love it. So much, in fact, that I got the G10S. It was horrible. Obviously defective. I returned it the same day.

    As I like the "virtual cable" thing, I'd like to try the Sennheiser XSW-D, but I think it's a little too big and it looks like the flexible parts fail.

  • As I like the "virtual cable" thing, I'd like to try the Sennheiser XSW-D, but I think it's a little too big and it looks like the flexible parts fail.

    i have the Sennheiser XSW-D....its good but not great:

    1) I did send one back as the hinge on the bug became loose. The replacement is ok but a bit wobbly. I had a samson bug type and that was so much better from a plug in perspective.

    2) Range - its been ok but have had dropouts when wandering about in the crowd - say 20-30m away. My receiver is at the back of my rack so that probably doesn't help but even so I'd expect a bit better.

    I still think there is no perfect solution and a real gap for something to dominate. I would want a pedal type receiver but rechargeable bug type with a a moveable but sturdy ( screw in and out) plug to cater for different jack sockets, with flawless, digital performance. I'd pay a lot of money for that! The closest seems to be the Boss WL20 but its not quite performant enough...

  • Rule of thumb with wireless: Cheap is usually shit!

    Whilst I sort of agree, there are exceptions - LD systems I've found to be good and some people rave about the Xvive stuff so we are all looking for good stuff that isn't hyper expensive.

    Having said that, I've not found the perfect solution at any price point. I hate belt packs so I just want a bug type, makes guitar swaps as easy as a cable. As I do this many times at a gig, its top of the agenda for me.