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    jon9max I was the one with Trigger Finger surgery. The doctor only allows me two injections each finger. Any more than that and it can blow out the nodules and cause permanent damage, so then I'm left with surgery or locking fingers with pain as my only options.

    Fun. The other guitar player in my band had to have surgery like yours last year. it wasn't for trigger finger but for pain he couldn’t squeeze the guitar neck and had too many shots. So...

    Wow. you had to have surgery for that. Fortunately a few shots got rid of mine on my ring, and pinky finger, It was getting worse weekly and my whole hand was cramping up. I imagine this in my future. The joys of aging...

    I got this a couple of weeks ago at sam ash NYC used, one tiny scratch on the back and what seemed like original strings old/dull 10-50, dirty/unused frets, and the action was high, I don't think the person played it at alI. So at a 1000 less than new, unfortunately I had to get it. ;) I can't take a good picture it sparkles so much. Had to tweak it though. They do a weird half out of phase thing in the middle position that sounds great clean but is muddy if you put a little overdrive on it. They put a cap on the HB to make it a high pass and all the bottom from the p90 gets through, could not use it. .So I put in two 500k CTS push pull pots. A better cap and wired it 50’s style. The volume splits the humbucker, and the tone does a real out of phase. So I have a HB, HB split slug side, if I pull up the tone it then splits the screw side, so 3 sounds in the bridge position. If I go to the middle, I just get a normal HB/SC. Pull up the volume SC/SC, pull up tone Out of phase SC/SC, push volume Down, HB/SC out of phase. Neck pos. Is just the SC P90. The SC and Out of phase sounds are Not thin and weak. It's much more versatile now. I love it.

    The Kemper compressor is apparently based on the Ross/MXR pedals. I have an MXR and absolutely hate the bloody thing. I also have a Cali76 which is amazing. I would love to see the Kemper compressor getting a full overhaul similar to the Kemper Drive etc.

    I really like my Wampler Ego compressor. But The normal names for the compressor controls would be nice. I use it, I tweak to my liking, but I don't really understand it and I've seen so many contradicting explanations, and they all describe the existing controls as what they are representative of, "attack, release, ratio, threshold" So let's just use those names. No one would be confused by those, but it seems everyone is by the current names.

    They were able to do this for the "Layout C" Would it be that hard to do it for the individual Rigs in Performance mode? I need the rig name to be that big like in layout C but for rigs. At shows I just can't see the little letters.

    I always just used regular crazy glue.

    "What did Vietnam era medics use to stop bleeding?

    Call it the secret life of Super Glue. During the Vietnam War, emergency medics began using the all-purpose glue to seal battle wounds in troops headed for surgery. The glue was so good at stemming bleeding that it was credited with saving many lives."

    Not in the the know as such, but that has never held me back before....

    I think it's option 2 (to whatever extent it is modeled; I'm sure there will be debate as to whether 100% authenticity has been achieved).

    And I agree on your considerations following the two options.

    We KNOW there will be arguments on whether it is Authentic or not. First, Of course, it's not. It can't be. Secondly, As far as the old "holy grail" amps go, each and every one sound different. I've never had two that sound exactly the same. In the eighties, I always would run two marshalls and accentuate what I thought each one excelled at for a great tone. I'm more after feel. Also, we're gonna have a lot of people commenting on "authenticity" that have never actually played a lot of, or a variety of these amps at different volumes. The kemper does a far better job of a consistent mic'd sound than, actually micing up a speaker every night. I use IEM's and the consistency of the Kemper is a blessing for that.

    Please, Please make a "Layout D" For large rig names like you have for "Layout C" for performance names. My "Performances" are just named 1,2,3,4,5,6, etc... irrelevant. but My "Rig names" are songs. That is what I need in Really big font size like you use for "layout C" Please, Begging. It's so hard to see the smaller rig names"My songs" when I use "layout A" It's really the Only problem I have with the Kemper. Everything else I can get to sound fantastic.(thank you Kemper) It's so hard to see at a show, with lights moving everywhere. I have to really squint, or bend over, or simply have faith the #3 button is gonna be the right song=O.. I want to see my individual "rig names"(songs) Begging. please I'll pay ya! send me your Venmo Kemper guys....

    Is there a difference if you plug into the headphone jack on the Kemper? I use IEM’s (64 Audio) in a wireless situation, not hard wired like you which typically sounds better. My sound is pretty much the same from home studio speakers Adam Audio, ATH m50 headphones, kemper Kone speaker, As it should be. Sure a speaker in the room has more bottom end due to the room. If you’re going to stay wired iem, try a presonus hp2. It’s better than the Behringer, and still inexpensive.

    Are you using an attenuator or are these loud tube amps that you're talking about?

    First, unfortunately, I don't use these amps much as they're loud as F*** at their sweet spot. (It's why I have the Kemper)I did build and install a Variable Voltage Regulator (VVR) circuit in my AC30 which is kind of an attenuator. But what I'm saying is old amps don't have a master volume control, so no Gain, drive, or preamp knob. They’re clean amps, you have to turn the volume up to get overdrive. So, the "Gain" knob on the Kemper for a bassman, or Deluxe Reverb, or AC30 would be the profiled amp's volume knob? Those amps sound great with the volume down low and they’re clean, AND in the middle with just a bit of breakup, the AND with the volume way up distorting the tubes. With that though the actual volume goes way, way, painfully up. That right now would require three separate profiles. But on the amp, the only knob you would have touched is the one volume knob. The Kemper cannot work that way because those amps don't have a distortion knob, where the output volume stays the same but the overdrive goes up. Would the "gain" knob simulate what the volume knob does, but without actual volume? But to do that it would be a "modeled" gain, overdrive(whatever you call it) It would no longer be a Profile of the actual gain of that amp at that volume? Wouldn't the profile be a better example of the amp not a simulated/model of the sweep of the volume pot? That after all is why WE feel profiling sounds better. Right?

    Fortunately, that last statement is untrue. CK states exactly that the gain knob will behave like a real gain knob. (see HW's Video on YouTube, min. 7:15) But then again, what else should he say, seen from a marketing point of view...

    What if the amp doesn't have a gain knob. My Bassman, AC30, DR, and Marshall, don't have a "Gain" knob. They have volume knobs. I like turning up the "Volume" to overdrive those amps. My Bassman sounds amazing cranked up. The amp goes crazy, It sags more, the louder you crank it up. That's what I would want. I don't like fake gain that acts like a distortion pedal. Is that what it's going to do? I don't know how, because of the way all of the components and speakers react to the volume change is part of it. That would be awesome.

    I was playing today and noticed the sound seemed off. I checked the output settings and they were not correct. I thought maybe I had the wrong preset. But then I saw that ALL of my presets were gone. This is kind of a big deal. Has this happened to anyone else on this update? I did find my main one in the presets in rig manager because I had saved it there. But the rest of my customized outputs are gone. Also, just got the crash screen (when I was adjusting something in a profile) asking to send picture in. Anyone having issues?