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    I'm noticing a difference in levels between the main TRS and XLR outputs, whereas they were perfectly balanced until now.

    This difference is 4.5dB per channel, which is enormous.

    I've noticed it since I made the last update (10 something...) but it may have appeared before. Not sure.

    The Main output level should be the same for both TRS and XLR outputs, anyway since you mentioned to have updated probably to the "10 something" and that's a Beta version, probably that's what it boils down to and once that Beta version becomes fully functional there will be no more problem with those output levels.

    On the other hand, sure you've already done it, but check out the TRS and XLR cables.

    Hope your issues disappear soon ;)

    is there a way to accomplish this in the rig manager? i’m a lot more comfortable with this medium- and ideally i would love to be able to do stuff like this in the van while we drive, if it were necessary.

    Yes, I think you can, place upon that "solo rig" in your rig manager and you'll be able to copy for instance using Command+C (in a Mac). Then move to the slot where you want to paste it and use Command+V. I'm just recalling it, not quite sure, but it's something like this, hope it helps ;)

    Keep pressing the Rig button while being on the "solo rig", then you'll see a Copy option on the screen, press Copy, then move to the new performance, press the 1-5 rig position where you want to have that "solo rig" and keep pressing again the Rig button, you'll see a Paste option, press it.

    ciao normalmente un buon risultato si ottiene disattivando la cassa dalla sez stack

    It's been previously said in Italian that "a good result is obtained by deactivating the speaker from the stack section".

    I tried this combination myself several times, single pick up and deactivating the speaker. It certainly improves the acoustic sound, but imo is still far from enough good sounding.

    I've also noticed that it sounds much better through monitors at home studio, there it sounds much more "acoustic" than in a rehearsal through powered kabinets or live through PA, where it loses its "acoustic" behaviour too much for my taste.


    When I try to store some liquid profiles appears an error with this text:

    "This rig was created with a newer OS version. Please update your Profiler! Avoid storing this Rig!"

    But both my Profiler and Rig Manager are updated!

    Has it got something to do with Beta releases?

    Any help please?



    I would not rule out the possibility that the Kone is defective. I believe that was the issue with the one I've got. The highs were fizzy and harsh no matter what I did. Had once a broken tweeter in a PA speaker and it was sounding like that. Definitely nothing like the demos on YT.

    I had no time to wait for substitution so I've just sent it back and went with another solution.

    What was your solution? Just curiosity... ;)

    I'm using the Kemper for recording so I don't use any cuts or EQs except inside of the DAW, but I do use the EQ's of the stack to flavor. When I do use the Kabinet, I just leave parameters the same as when recording.

    I don't use the imprints, I tried them but I prefer to hear through the monitor outputs the same signal that goes to the main outputs, mainly thinking of a live situation.

    I keep the monitor cab on (it means I don't activate the "monitor cab off"), Kemper Kone on, etc.

    It's ok when recording or live, the only problem is at rehearsal through the Kabinets.

    I don’t use the powered Kabinet but my Powered Head and Passive Kabinet should sound the same. I don’t apply any EQ on the monitor outs at all.

    Thanks for the input Alan, I truly don't understand why in my case it sounds so much harsh through my powered kabinets that I need to dial new EQ or LC, HC... maybe the room? The guitars? I've tried with several guitars and it always comes to the same and I've got the sensation that once I start dialing new EQs or messing around for instance lowering the HC, there's a significant loss of sound quality... hard to explain, sorry... and again, thanks for the input ;)

    Guitar with humbuckers (PRS custom 24 or Strato Custom with bridge humbucker)

    Music Style: just to give you a hint, sort of EVH brown sound, Alice in Chains, Metallica V scooped... better listen to the links below ;)

    The question is that my Stage, through two Powered Kabinets, sounds a bit too harsh or trebled in rehearsals.

    I've been playing with the output section EQ (bass, mid, high, presence) and the LC and HC filters, but I find myself setting LC 100 and HC 2020... it sounds better, not awesome but better, though far from the perfect sound I get live or at studio, where I have to change those eqs, LC and HC filters and for instance the HC rises up from those low 2020 until 5000 for recording, and the EQ remains flat, sounding ok through Rokit 5 KRK monitors.

    How do you set your output EQ, LC and HC filters with powered kabinets?


    Thanks everyone for your support. I'll try those suggestions, though I'm afraid I've already tried them, but will give them a new shot. Again, big thanks!

    The powered speakers for the vocals are QSC K12, no mixer at all, just some LF and HF presets.

    The gig is in a little bar, as I mentioned, without PA, we hardly fit on the space they call stage :D that's why I was considering to sound through the Kabinets, though I disliked the idea.

    Again, big thanks for every input!

    What is driving the 2 Kabinets? Are they unpowered, powered?

    If unpowered what amp, powered Kemper, or?

    I would have no fear with my 2 unpowered Kabinets with PowerStage SD700 in stereo or mono. I'd Likely run mono and place the Kabinets slightly pointing left/right for coverage.

    I drive the two non powered kabinets with Seymour Duncan Powerstage 700, just like you. Thanks for the suggestion of running them mono and slightly open, I'll give it a try.

    2 Kabinets are going to be loud enough to seriously harm the first two rows in the audience.

    Stupid question: what is your singer going to do? Without a PA he'll definitely not be able to be heard....

    It's not an stupid question, we have two powered speakers, great for the voices in this situation, but it's impossible to use it for the kemper, the guitar sound is crappy no matter the settings you try.

    That's all: gig in a little venue, no PA, no FOH to be sending Kemper main outputs, so Kemper Kabinets through monitor outputs will have to play not only as stage monitor but also as the main sound reference for the audience... What do you think? Wil it be enough? We play real loud since our drummer bangs real hard (you can check the style in my signature link). Usually we play at venues with PA, FOH and sound technician, but not on this gig, I'm a bit scared and doubtful about my guitar sound. Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks! ;)