How do I Profile a Software Plugin amp?

  • I'd like to make a profile of a IK Multimedia amp plugin. Using Logic Pro 9 on a Mac Pro and Apogee Duet preamp going to powered monitors.

    Since the Duet has two outputs that go to my powered monitors, do I take one of Apogee Duet stereo outputs and plug that in to the mike in on the Kemper to profile the plugin?
    If I'm correct, I'd now have the output of the plug to going direct in to the Kemper.

    I looked for directions but if they are posted missed them - thanks for your assistance.

  • I haven't done this yet, but I'm sure I will soon. Basically, yes - you just need to make the loop where the Kemper sends input to the interface, your software routes that input to the VST plugin, the output is routed to your interface, and the interface outputs are hooked up to the Kemper. This would be a line level, not microphone level signal. I remember someone saying something about using a TRS cable to make the Kemper recognize line level, but I've never done this before, so be sure to double-check the manuals on this point. There's probably an option in the KPA software to explicitly choose mic/line level and adjust the level as needed.

    I am not sure if latency is an issue or not, but I assume the KPA expects some latency and will cope with it. At some point I will more thoroughly test this.

  • From the wiKPA:


    No problems profiling Amplitube, GR and Scuffham. The biggest issue I had was making sure that levels were good but not clipping anywhere. With all the ins and outs the routing got a big complicated but otherwise the sounds were great.
    Just watch out for clipping as VST operates in sometimes curious ways!
    No weird issues with latency, the Profiler compensates for it.