EH "9" series

  • Hive mind:

    How do you manage / integrate other "stuff" that doesn't need to go through the Kemper into your rig? I really don't want my fake Hammond B3 going through a Marshall for the most part.

    Initially I used a pan pedal, one side to Kemper, other side to C9 into Key9 into PA. This worked, but I don't like having another passive volume in the way of my signal to the Kemper and the other chain was a tap-dance thing.

    Debating maybe getting one of those MIDI capable loopers - but not sure how best to manage just yet.

    Hoping someone out there has already solved this problem!

    I did just order a spiffy Samson line mixer - one unit rackmount, lots of channels, stereo, 4 buss (if you count the solo / mute headphone out)... Pretty groovy for two bills.

  • You can use the "Alternative" and "Return" inputs on the rear of the KPA. These bypass the stomps/amp/effects/cab. One goes to the left output and one goes to the right (I don't recall which is which off the top of my head).

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  • You can use the "Alternative" and "Return" inputs on the rear of the KPA. These bypass the stomps/amp/effects/cab. One goes to the left output and one goes to the right (I don't recall which is which off the top of my head).

    THis, or I run through my rack mounted mixer/ai

  • Can't use the Kemper's returns because they are already taken by the stereo effects loop... but good idea.

    Maybe... add those gizmos into the stereo loop itself... will have to play with some settings...

  • Yea, send your fake Hammond through a Marshall for the Jon Lord sound :)

    It's not a coincidence that a common power amp tube for a Leslie is a 6550 ( the same used in many vintage Marshalls.

    That's why I used a Marshall for the Rock Organ Rig on the Rig Exchange.

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  • All of the EH pedals (C9, B9, Synth9, Key9) have a direct/dry out. Send the direct/dry out to your Kemper and the effect/organ/synth out to a keyboard amp or mixer. The direct out is a dry signal. If you want to pull the pedals right out of the chain, get and ABY box or a voodoo labs pedal switcher.

  • Even with another jack plugged in, you can't get just effect out of the "wet" output when "off".

    I'm asking more about the distribution of guitar signal to multiple places than the issue of controlling it once it's there... sure, that's a problem too, but I have a mixer for that.

  • Have a look at Voodoo Lab products. They have a range of MIDI switchers - pedalboard- or rack-mounted - which I think would be perfect for what you want to do, allowing you to send your signal to wherever you want with a single footswitch press.

  • Yup that is what I said too! If he needs to control his signal flow, look into Voodo labs pedal switcher or even the Boss ES-8

    When using the effect switcher you would only have the effect out of the EH pedal in the loop, as your direct signal stays clean in a parallel path. You would punch in/out the effect as needed and you can route it to another amp if needed.

  • Sorry, maybe I am missing something with how you want to use the EH organ pedal? It seems you are trying to complicate it.

    1. Your guitar plugs into the EH pedal input
    2. The "dry/ direct out" of the EH pedal goes to your Kemper ( plain guitar sound, no effect)
    3. The "organ out" of the EH pedal goes to your mixer ( organ sound)

    When EH pedal is off you only get the Kemper guitar
    When EH pedal is on you get Kemper and mixer (organ sound)
    If you need just organ sound put a volume pedal before your Kemper or in the effects loop of the Kemper .

    An alternate way is an A/B/Y pedal ( Radial Big Shot - for example)
    1. Your guitar into the A/B/Y input
    2. "A" output of A/B/Y goes to Kemper
    3. "B" output of the A/B/Y goes to the EH pedal
    So now you can control "A" Kemper , "B" organ, "Y" both Kemper and organ.

    What am I missing in how you want to do this?

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