Better Cab Maker / MatchEQ Cab-Software / CAB Algorithm

  • I spent the day match eqing my d.i. profiles to singletracks of bands to get as close as possible to the source sound as possible to ACDC for example ...

    When i add now my IRs inside Cubase to my d.i. amps it sounds pretty close ... when i convert these with the cabmaker to use them inside the Kemper they are pretty off ...

    so yeah that is my wish ...

    right now i come this close by adding my selmade matchEQ cab inside the daw ...

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    When i add the same ir to the kemper it is sadly not as close

    when we get this on the kemper or even a matchsoftware that would be amazing for all people that have singletracks of their favorite guitarsound an so on :)

    what do you think ?

  • well the soundcloud file is the comparison of the original tone + my matched ir ... and here in the attachment is a picture of what happens after the cabmaker with the cab with a picture of my match eq and a soundfile ... between 500hz and 10k everthing is fin but above 10k and below 500hz the cabmaker looses a lot bass and low mids

  • and here is the closes i get when i try to eq the cab to sound as the sound it was ... it is of course impossible when you look at the suggestions of izotope ozone so yeah ... my last try is loading my matched irs into the torpedo live ... profile that and add that to the profiles because i want to end up with a clean profile that sounds like the original tone without havving already a eq on it and so on

  • I can't comment on cabmaker's accuracy, but I'm not sure I follow what your soundcloud link is demonstrating? If you're comparing the two sections one being Kemper the other some ITB change then you really need to reamp the same piece of audio through both, not play twice, and really not have totally different riffs that aren't even in the same register. The measured frequency response can only represent the frequencies in the section of audio they are given, even if you compared the two sections through the same source they would result in dramatically different frequency response curves.

  • the first sample sounds very close even though it is a different riff ... for the cab maker tests i used the same chords and a similar riff and the results sound pretty different.

  • i edited the text above maybe i was a bit unclear.

    The soundcloud sample shows the closest i get by match eqing the cabless signal, even though these are different riffs the frequency response is correct. I converted the match eq to a IR using voxengo deconvolver. That also worked well but as soon as i load that onto the kemper it changes. Thatis what the feature request is all about. If the kemper staff could take a look at the frequencies below 50hz and above 10k and make that more accurate that wozld be awesome and i could release band specific profiles

  • Ah okay thanks a lot ckemper i'll try it :) but right now that happens when i convert the IR in the Cabmaker as well as when i profile

    the Ir, i do that by loading the ir into the torpedo live and then after profiling i change the amp.

    Is there any chance that we get a tone match feature some day?

    Like Cab maker 2 where you can load in a short mp3 or wav as a target tone and your rig and then it makes a cab ?

    So basically the same as my workflow right now ^^

    I don't know much but would it help if there was not only noise and multisine sweeps in the profiling process but

    also a dirac impuls or a full range sine sweep at the end?

    And sorry that i as so much but i have not that often the chance to talk to you :D

    When refining the kemper resets the definition setting in the amp section and does some corrections to the

    frequency curve , right? Well i have a hardware noise and tone generator, would this be helpful?

    thanks ck! :)

    ps i hope i find a way to make the irs work on the kemper then i could offer many band specific profiles :)

  • I went down the same route with tone matching years ago. 2 probs with it.

    1. If your gain saturation is not the same as the recording it might sound the same but its not.

    2. Prob the biggest issue. You are replicating a tone from a finished mix. It has mastering FXs on it. In the end this adds in a ton of issues for your own personal mix. Sure it works great in the track you are matching from, but thats it. Chances are you will be trying to mix the rest of the tracks to match the guitar. Its a losing battle.

    Just my 2 cents based on my limited experience trying it. If you are tone matching an un-mastered guitar track, thats perfect.

  • true

    i added another example…

    first you'll hear the original pantera tone, then the IR i made of the matching process and then after converting the cab and putting it on the kemper.

    Both the matched IR and the Kemper-Version used the same rig

    Sometimes the voxengo deconvolver isn't also 100% like the matching process and sometimes even worse.

    I don't want to point the fingers aroung an claim something doesn't work.

    So if someone has tipps on how to get the matchEQ curve on the Kemper i'd be very thankful.

    Even though the matchEQ version isn't perfect either it is so close that i would be happy with it

    and idk that would be cool for people who do covers or are in a coverband and so on ...

    So far the best way was loading the ir into the torpedo live and then i'd profile that but sometimes

    the kemper automatically captures that as a cabless rig, is there anything to prevent the kemper from automatically

    turning the cab of while profiling ckemper ?

  • I tried many time to match with Fabfilter ProQ2. It sound good in the daw but with Cab Ir i'm not really satisfy.

    The best thing IMO is to try to mimic the correction curve (from the ProQ2/Ozone) with the kemper EQ.