Can you spot the amp? Test

  • Personally, in this case... No. It's pretty much like a continuous track, to my ears, where I'd never notice a change.

    When I first made this some were telling me they could hear the changes. But that seemed related to what they were seeing in the video. Given only the audio track (or shown the part of video without the reveals) it was pretty much hopeless. It's easy to think we are hearing particular differences when it's in fact the visuals creating that impression.

    Given, this isn't my favourite tone, but I had to come up with something to fit the track.

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    The bonanza

  • Funny, during the first half I couldn't hear any difference, but during the second half I could, haha. I'm pretty sure that my eyes were playing tricks on my ears :)

    I've done a few A/B tests myself since day one so I already know how close the Kemper is, but yet I still enjoy watching/listening to A/B demos, I guess because it never ceases to amaze me just how close the Kemper is to the real deal.

    Nice work and thanks for sharing!

  • Great demo — I love classic KSE. I don’t want to create extra work for you, but if it’s no trouble, I’d be interested to hear the guitars by themselves.

    Thank you. I can't do that unfortunately, as video over a year old and don't have this set up nearby anymore. That said, there's a segment of isolated guitars in this comparison towards the end of the track. Cheerios

    The bonanza

  • There's a segment of isolated guitars in this comparison towards the end of the track.

    Thanks. I missed that. I'd say the differences between the Profiler and amp in this case are slight to insignificant for any practical application. Nice job capturing it.