Polyphonic tuning mode

  • The app works just fine, but I just don't find I tune more than one string at a time. Now I have an Evertune bridge and it is even less important.

    Evertune is great. No hassle with tuning. I will probably sell a guitar and buy another evertune equipped guitar.

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  • This would be fantastic. I have a polytune unit on my board and I do use the polyphonic feature extensively. When I tune my guitar, at the beginning of the rehearsal or gig, I do it note by note, but in the middle of rehearsal or gig, I play all strings to check tuning and I go straight to the out of tune string. I do it very often and saves me a lot of time. I don't think it would be that difficult to implement. Maybe there is a matter of patents, who knows.

  • Hey guys of Kemper!

    You're doing such a great job and this forum is a nice thing to have a voice.

    It would be great, if we get a polytune tuner.

    I use different guitars life and miss my polytune, because its so fast to controll the tuning.

    Thank you

  • As the only thread capable of spelling "polyphonic" correctly this is the only one I can personally endorse.


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  • Evertune is great. No hassle with tuning. I will probably sell a guitar and buy another evertune equipped guitar.

    I'm also really interested in getting an Evertune equipped guitar :) its such a SICK technology and I'm stoked that it even exists!

    Not having to deal with tuning is such a time saver and would hopefully make my workflow less interrupted and more productive ^^

    Who am I kidding? I'm sure I'll ALWAYS find ways to get distracted lolol:D but hopefully that'll save me some time overall !

  • +1

    For polyphonic tuning.

    Had the Hardwire HT-6 on my previous pedalboard (pre Kemper). Great to strum all 6 strings for a quick check of the tuning.
    If playing one string only, the tuner switch to 1 string mode. It’s the same with my TC-Electronics Polytune clip on used when not plugged in.
    Doing the tuning in 6 string mode is however not precise enough.


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