Kammler Mono-Kai Cabinet with Kemper Kone and Kemper Color Scheme

  • The Mono Kai is a 1 x 12 OR 1 x 15 cabinet that can house the Kemper Kone driver.


    Our ‘first one’ and the ‘primary rock’ of Kammler Tunator® Cabinets.

    Now available for ‘Kemper’ Profiling Amps with ‘Kone G12G-200’ speaker.*

    This is where a 12″ or 15″ speaker can unfold uniquely and fully, i.e. without competing and overlapping vibrations.

    The mono-modular design allows for maximum precision of the sound/tone. At the same time the sound is ‘transparent’ and differentiated. It allows you to perceive playing behaviour (the attack) incredibly quickly and offers many additional combination options:

    • greater flexibility in terms of requirements (Club/Hall),
    • which makes for easier and lighter transport.
    • stereophonic or polyphonic set-up options by separation.
    • sound mixture by using different speaker types in each case.
    • Expansion of the sound spectrum by combining with the Bi-Kini.

      * With the Kemper® Kone-Speaker available only in ‘black on green’ Tolex. Open cabinet housing is prepared for a optional rear panel.

    See it here:


    The cab uses an truly innovative driver mounting system using what Kammler calls the Tunator.


    In the Kammler Tunator® Cabinet, the individually dampened and framed speaker is connected to the surrounding housing casing. The magnetic driver is additionally fixed by the Tunator® and set into the middle of the housing casing.

    The individual fine tuning, the ‘tuning’ of the vibration characteristics of the cabinet, can be done mechanically by the tension unit.


    I am speculating that the Tunator allows you to change driver size from 12 to 15 inch quite easily. This looks like a great way to house a Kone.

  • Having looked further at the pics on the Kammler web site I no longer think a cab can be converted from a 12 inch to 15 inch driver. The front baffle doesn’t seem to be removable so the cut out for the driver would be fixed at either 12 or 15 inches.

    I do wish the web site had more information including cabinet dimensions. A video on driver installation with tuning instructions would be a plus, too.

    I understand that the tuning of the cab is dependent on the cabinet’s casing design. But I would like to see a removable closed back option for a Mono-Kai with a Kemper Kone. Of course it should be an easy to mod for the standard open back cab.

    Finally I’d like to be able to buy the Tunator as a separate part. That should make it possible to use multiple drivers in a cab a snap. Pre-mount a few drivers and I’d have a really excellent platform for getting various sounds in my studio.