Professional paid Profiles Vs free ones

  • Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to ask if there is a big difference, between Paid and free.

    Do you buy from the Top profiling Guys or just download for free?

    I know the kemper stuff is top stuff.

    I made the mistake last time, as I wanted a Marshall JVM410HJS Crunch, I think I just down loaded it for free.

    It never once occurred to me that the profile was not that great, so I blamed the kemper and sold it.

    So maybe this time, I should purchase some professional profiles.

    Just asking.



  • Just realised you now have studio or merged profiles.

    Back when I was using Kemper in 2014, that was't available, at least I don't think it was.

    So I would want the merged profiles, as I want to use a real speaker cab.

    So now I have a chance to get it right, this time.

  • Hi Gezza.

    Did you just get a PROFILER (second time around for you)?

    There are a lot of excellent free profiles included with the latest version of the Operating System 8.6.6

    Check out this discussion.

    Before you buy Commercial Rigs and Profiles check out the Rig Manager for Rig Packs and Rig Exchange

    And if you're getting reacquainted

    ? Kemper Manuals and Quick Start guides ?

    ? Rig Manager Download and Documentation ??

    ? Kemper Tutorials & Demos (videos) ?

    ? Kemper FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Download Main Manual 8.5 English

  • you can find free great/awesome profiles here on the forum or on the RE,not all of the paid profiles are great,but you need to buy to find your favorite sellers,do you own research on this forum,YB or Facebook groups but you can start with Mbritts,Guidorist,Top Jimi,Choptones,Top Junkie,Big Hairy,Bert Meulendijk those seller make pretty/awesome profiles.

    spend time on the RE,Kemper is an awesome unit.

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  • For an over generalized view, when you buy a pack, they have different mic positions, boosts, etc., that give you many options. Usually, I will find between 1-4 that I can use in a pack. Most of the rigs on RE are "one offs", where you either like it or not.

    Of course that's any over generalized view. For me, I just profiled my amps more than 100 times each, to make sure I got every possible sound out of them. Then, when I buy a new cabinet or speaker, I go through the process again, and make another 20 or so. Even with all those, I usually use a couple from each amp. That's about it.

  • I have found that many rigs just sound a little dark or dead because of the cab that gets created. Sometimes you can get much better results by taking a good known amp profile and swap out the cabs.

    Guys like Michael Britt, etc have all of the pro gear you need to get good noise free profiles. But they may not use the best sounding speak cab/mic for your ear. They may be trying to get the closest sound of that particular amp or in MBritts case he usually uses the same cab so all the profiles sound similar in makeup. So you hear the difference in the amps.

    So step one is find the profile that has the right amp sound you want. Then EQ it a bunch. A lot can be fixed with the studio EQ.

    Step two is to try some different cabs or Impulse Responses. This and a little EQ goes a looooong way.

    I made a bunch of profiles of my gear and found a couple cabs that sound pretty good. It is amazing how different they all sound even coming from the same amp (depends on the gain, etc).

    Lately I have downloaded some free IRs. They normally come as sound files in the WAV format. You can drag and drop them into Rig Manager. And since they are WAV files you can edit the crap out of them also. So I load it up in RE and then EQ it in my WAV editor (Goldwave). Then drag that version in. So you can dial in the cabs frequency response to be what ever you want generically.

    Then you get into the dark area again of buying pro made IRs.

    And dont forget adding a Treble Booster/EQ after the AMP/CAB goes another step towards brightening up dark sounding profiles.

  • I was not a commercial guy

    You can find very good rigs in the hardware and on the cloud.

    But i have bought two years ago Tone Junkie full pack for many reasons :

    - I have watched a lot of his vids (HW) and it was a way to thank him for all his work

    - There were sales (and it happens often)

    - And most of all, the day i wanted to built my perfomances, it was a little bit tricky to have homogeneous Rigs.

    If you have an intro with an acoustic sim, a fender for the chorus and a marshall for the solo, no matter, the sound is different ; it's intended.

    But if you want a performance with the same amp that increases, it's gonna be difficult to swap between a rig done by someone to another one done by someone else.

    I've done the majority of performances with Tone Junkie's rigs cause all stay homogeneous ; you choose the amp you want, you've got the clean, the crunch, the solo, the vibrato....Just copy/paste in the right slot --> Done :thumbup:

    A considerable time saving ! ;)

  • I've been using the Kemper for a year now and only using Free profiles. I found that it's not the profiles that sound bad but my technique. 8o Seriously, I don't need a million good profiles. I need just about 20 good ones and you can easily find them Free. But if you got no time and money to burn then buy some.

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • I've found pure gold with several paid profiles that I could not find free. Being frugal, I wouldn't throw away money if the difference was minimal. BM Profiles, BHP, Tone Junkie, Selah, Maurizio70, so many more. Great sales for most.

  • Alot of it comes down to personal Tastes as well. I would say for everyone there is a 40/60 Good vs Bad scenario.

    Im fortunate enough my kemper came loaded with probably some guy that bought the $50 Ebay pack with 2408209109 Profiles
    I have run through over 30k of commercial profiles. And have paid for and picked up probably an additional 2-3k profiles over the last 2 years.

    Takes some time but i would still say the commercial profiles i enjoy the most deff outway anything ive gotten for free. (Aside from the orginal ones i didnt pay for lol)