Would anybody be interested in profiles of this amp? (Miced up clip)

  • I have an Engl Fireball 100 and a few cabs, as well as some interesting mics.

    This is the amp with an Orange 2x12 with English V30s. The mic is a Sennheiser E906. I also have an SM57, an SM58 (with dust cap off) and a Townsend Labs Sphere.

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    Pardon the squeaking sounds, I have a ring on my palm muting hand.

    I also have a few other cabs - a Friedman 2x12 (Chinese V30s), an Emperor 4x12 (Governors and Tonkers in X pattern) and a Mesa Boogie Thiele 1x12 (EVM12L).

    This is the studio I'll be working in for the recordings.

    I'll drop off this profile in the Free Rigs section later, but if there's interest in a guitar pack, have a listen to those sounds and let me know what you'd like to hear.

  • Always :)

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  • Always :)

    Thanks for the kind words. I uploaded two of my profiles on the Rig Exchange.

    They are called NT Fiery 6 and 7. Please have a listen with headphones and over your studio monitors.

    This is just a raw profile, so don't be afraid of messing with the parameters like definition, as well as putting an EQ or TS in there ;)

  • Nice one NT! Silly question, are we interested in your profiles of your top equipment? Hell yeah!

    BTW that guitar is looking amazing! Saw it when you posted on new gear but looks even better played!!

  • Thanks, guys. After some careful thought, I decided that I really may not have time to put into a pack with all the bells and whistles, so here is a free pack of seven profiles that you can have for free.

    My least favourite is NT Fiery 4, but what I did was applied some processing to it and I have included that in the pack.

    If you listen to just the raw tone on that one and then compare it to the other profiles (none of which have any effects on them), I am hoping it'll give my fellow profilers some ideas on what else is possible with this wonderful machine and these rigs.

    Seasons greetings to all! :love:

    NT Fiery Profile Pack.zip