NeuralDSP Archetype Petrucci Profiles

  • Thanks! How close do you think they turned out?

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  • Thanks very much for the profiles. They sound great.

    Wow, djemass, can you share the tweaks? I really liked your tweaked JP profiles in the past.

    Hi to give more life to the Mesa tones, in amp parameters : generally gain at 7,5, definition at 6,5, then power sag at 3, then in the amp page where there is bias, clarity set at 4, and finally used tube shape at 10 and bias at 10 also. Set the space at 1,7 with headphones. Sometimes, I boost slightly the amp volume at +2db. I switched off also all the studio eq and gate of Meambobbo in order to get the closest of the naked profile.

    In input section, with my Di Marzio, I like dist sens at +2. Works for me, but perhaps not for you.

    Also I transferred some cabs of these profiles in some of my own profiles, and also worked great.

    the sneep profile and the temple were great for leads for instance

  • Thanks very much! Will try these :)