What power amps are you using for your unpowered Kemper?

  • On a whim, I ran my Kemper as a pre-amp directly into my modded Blues Jr. at a recent gig in a room that is notoriously hard to get a good band mix. I had the opening act guitarist come up and compliment me several times even though I wasn't too keen on what I heard with it behind me

  • May sound silly, but i run my KPA into my Peavey 5150 FX return, into a old Marshall 4x12.

    The tube amp seems to help round off the sharp edges. No sense in spending money on a Amp for the Kemper,

    When i have 2 perfectly good tube heads that can handle and gig i have. I'm old, i still need to feel the guitar while i play.. sorry IEM guys.

  • I have tried a few options. First: kemper-laney 12" stage monitor, sounded quite good but not so loud. Then matrix gt 1000 - mesa 2x12, sounded great, but lacked punch. Then kemper peavey valveking 100-Marhall 4x12 great and punchy. Then kemper yamaha dxr10 sounded great and closer to stage PA. And ofc kemper-yamaha hs8 monitors through the whole tryout, sounds good.

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  • I have an unpowered toaster to which I've added a Ritter SHP (stereo high-power) that fits right in the back cavity of the toaster. I'm running that stereo into a 3rd Power 2x12 cab that I've loaded with Kemper Kones. I use MBritt profiles almost exclusively. I've bought others from various folks, but Michael's profiles just work great for me. I rarely use the imprints with the Kones as his cabinet/speaker/mic setup sounds great. This set up scratches that "amp in the room" itch for me, and it's very easy to deal with.

  • Rig update: I bought an old Peavey Stereo Chorus amp, which happens to have power amp inputs on the back. I swapped out the stock speakers for the F12M-150s (one of which required cutting a notch into one of the speaker frames to fit it under the power transformer!) and it's a decent stereo 2x12 combo solution. All amp controls are bypassed, everything is driven from the Kemper Stage. 70w per side at 8 ohms, so it's plenty loud.

  • I picked up a used Headrush 108 last month & am very, very impressed. For such a small enclosure, the volume & bottom end coming from it is insane. It's the closest my Toaster has come to the sound through in-ears.