Dating used Kemper equipment.

  • I can get a demo unpowered rack from the Kemper US Store for $1450. The remote would be another $499. But, I have a Roland FC-300 that I'm no longer using that might work for the remote.

    So for $150 more I can get a new remote and a barely used unpowered rack direct from Kemper.


    I read this post and thought we are turning in circle for nothing .

    I assumed that it was coming from à lambda user on Reverb or eBay ...

    Here, it’s directly coming from Kemper !

    Just ask them device ´s age ..

    They gonna tell you the truth... How it was used too for a démonstration model it can be important...

    I think it’s not so old : they don’t show à 2012 device to sell 2022 ones.

    If it had known problems they are fixed and it’s under warranty !

    Best of two worlds ! 😉

  • You have obviously mis-understood something....

    The unit I am trying to date is from a Craigslist ad


    The unit from Kemper was used to compare value. The one from Kemper comes with a full Warranty but does not include the remote. I think I can get by without the remote and if not I can either use a Roland FC-300 or or buy the remote later.

    I own aprox. $30,000 of music equipment and am well aware that I can contact the maker with the serial number and determine the date. Before posting here I checked the S/N of my Stage unit to see if the serial number gave any clue about the date, I know the date of mfg. for the stage unit and it is no way reflected in the S/N.

    Those who understood the OP have given me 2 ways to determine the date of a Kemper. The name change from Profiling Amplifier to Profiler and the 2019 change that added S/PDIF slave capabilities.

    I would NEVER consider a unit built before 2019 at the price point in question. The Kemper with the full warranty is obviously a better deal and when the seller calls me back he will need to either lower his price or wait a while longer.

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  • Not that this is actually accurate, and likely just conjecture, but I own one of the earlier Powered Racks and just received a second Rack from the Kemper store as a backup. My original Rack's serial number starts with "A". The Rack I just received starts with "K". That's an alphabetical span of 11. When were the Kempers released? What year is this? Could the one I just received have been made in '22? IDK, just something to ponder.