Rig Volume

  • Saving Rig volume is a normal behavior. We'll need more details to understand what you're experiencing.

    I know of no way for it *not* to save in Browse or Performance mode.

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  • I'm not sure I am understanding your exact situation, but if I am right... some things stay with the original rig, so make sure you save any changes to that rig before you bring it into a performance. For instance, Morph Rise and Fall times are something I constantly forget to do this on, so I have to go back and edit each rig inside a performance. If I edited the original rig, and saved a version of that and brought it into a performance, I wouldn't have to. Hope that helps but let us know if I am off target.

  • Thanks flyingheelhook. Saving Rig Volume in the original file seemed to work in Performance Mode.

    I programmed in my home studio with Rig Mgr., but after unplugging the unit and setting up at rehearsal, a delay I programmed in, along with the foot switch location for it did not come up. (prior to powering down, the Rig volume and delay did recall properly)

  • Perhaps there is a misunderstanding.

    The Rigs in Performance Mode are completely independent and not referencing to their original Rig regardless if the original sits in the browse pool of your PROFILER or in Local Library of your Rig Manager application or in Rig Exchange or anywhere else.

  • If that is true, then all edits to a specific amp profile should be done in Performance mode. Is this correct?

    think of it this way.

    The Browse pool contains rigs which can be used in either Browser Mode or in Performances.

    When you use a Rig in a Performance you simply place a COPy of that rig in the Performance Slot. You do not create a link between the original and performance slot containing the rig. You can now edit either Rig without affecting the other.

    If you want to edit Rig A and make it easy to use in future in multiple Performances you could edit and save Rig A in Browser mode. Now when you use Rig A in a Performance you will be creating a Performance copy Rig B of the edited rig Rig A in Browser pool. You can use this rig in as many performances as you want and if you later decide to edit any of these performances it will not screw up the original Browser version or any of the other performances based on the same rig.

    However, if you only want to use the edited Rig in one performance you can edit Rig B performance mode creating Rig C. If you later decide that you want to make Rig C more easily accessible for other performances you can copy Rig C from the performance back to the browser pool creating Rig D

    All four of these rig can exist independently of each other. Good naming conventions and/or a logical consistent workflow can be your best friend.

  • Thanks very much for this. It's very clear. I did notice a change in a performance after saving and powering down, and setting back up at a rehearsal. I have just updated the OS and hopefully things will be in order going forward. Best regards.