Issues after new update

  • I just updated my Stage and now I can't use it as an interface and all my profiles sound super fizzy. All the settings are the same as they were before but it sounds terrible now and I can't get audio from my computer to play through my monitors. Anyone else have this issue or have an idea on how to fix it?


    (I noticed it reset all my high and low cuts. That is very irritating. Still can't use it as an interface though.

  • can't remember what page but after the last update I had to output settings on the stage and some settings had either reset or change. After a few adjustments in the settings I was back in business.

    There was a setting for DAW that was set to 0.

  • Thanks for responding. All my settings except my cut setting were the same as they were before the update. That DAW volume was at 5. I can't get a signal from YouTube and when I go to my DAW I get no signal. It says the profiler is available but when I select it, the input reverts to "no input" and I can't see or hear a signal.

  • On which Firmware 12.2.1 or on 12.2.2 (released today 10.2.2 avoiding USB communicatin issues at Stage models)

    Is the sound also with headphone out bad?
    Cab is on?


    I just installed the new update (which took 3 tries to get it to work) and nothing has changed. I don't know what is going on. It worked fine yesterday before I installed the update.

    The bad sound came from the update turning off my high and low cuts in my output section. I turned them back on and it sounds good again. The fact that I can't use the Kemper as an audio interface is the issue.

  • I did the update this morning and got a pop up on the Kemper screen that said a clock was out of sync and to contact Kemper support. Must be something I don't access, I went ahead and played for a while, everything seemed to work fine🤷‍♂️

  • I fixed it. After almost giving up because somehow I deleted the driver for the Kemper and the internal computer speakers, Windows offered to troubleshoot and it reinstalled the drivers and it all worked again. Thank goodness. I am still pretty irritated with my Kemper in general though. I really wish there was an undo button because somehow I have ended up losing tones of presets because they copy themselves and overwrite presets. I kind of hate it. This was almost the last straw. Almost bought and FM3. Anyway, the Stage works and sounds good.

  • Glad it’s working again.

    For safety

    Before a firmware update I create a complete backup of the profiler.

    I stored my live performances also in my local library.

    So just in case something went wrong I can quickly restore it.