Disabling Cabs

  • Am using a standard guitar cab powered by a Kemper Power Rack, I have cabs turned off in the monitor out. If a profile has the Cabs switch lit, I hear a preferred difference when also turning it off by pushing the Cabs switch. Does doing this also then disable Cabs from the main output too?

  • Yes, the monitor cab definitely sounds different. It's not a huge difference, but certainly noticeable, and I almost always prefer the Cab button clicked off as it's generally somewhat clearer and less dark. Do you not find a noticeable difference doing this?

    I only use the Power Rack as my stage amp so it would not currently be an issue, but at some point I will and wanted to be clear on this.

  • I think you have the answer but just to check - there are 2 ways to remove the cab:

    1) Cab monitor button - This only disables the cab on the speaker and main output. Monitor is unaffected.

    2) Cab button ( on the from of the KPA) - this affects every output ( I believe).

    So, when using a Cab on stage, you use the Cab monitor check box and take your direct out from the monitor out. Using the Cab monitor button will then not impact the FOH signal.

  • Right, am doing the 1st option, but definitely hear a difference in the monitor out tone when adding option 2. Not huge, but real. If you try this do you hear it too?

  • I'm guessing it's because cabdriver is peeling away what it thinks the cab is and sends that out. It's awesome, but likely not 100% so when you completely cut the cab, the cab portion that remains after the cab driver filter gets cut too. I wonder if it would do this on a "merged" profile. I would think it shouldn't unless there was some other routing happening I'm not understanding.

  • Does anyone else experience this effect? Not being negative about it, just wondering if it's just me?

    Yes, it’s there…

    Don’t quote me on this one cause it’s a couple of years back..I asked support about it…apparently it’s “as designed”.

    In my mind it shouldn’t be there…but it’s so marginal, i sometimes doubt if the small glitch when you switch, maybe even throws yours ears off enough to no longer be able to compare.