New Kemper rack owners comments?

  • hi,
    I just saw that 2 knobs on the FX section are gone. Kemper customer support told me the settings can be done by soft knobs in the menue... and the iluminated EQ LEDs are gone too.
    Not enough space for it as the customer support said...... But the USB is easy to reach on the front.....
    thats what I can say about the difference between head and rack version... i am not sure if some other connectors should be better on the front too, if you want to use it often in changing environments..... if it is fixed in a rack forget this sorrows... ;)

    ...I had a lot of equipment... but 2012 I got the KPA.... :)

  • Hi

    Software Version is 1.6 for my unpowered version. The knobs for modulation are gone and most of the LED's too. The USB port in front makes it easier to update the KPA or to make backup. I'm wondering about the LED's and the two knobs because the rack version isn't deep. Should be enough space to realize all parts. I think i can buy a smaller rack. ;)

  • A good friend bought the rack mount and sold his original Kemper. Personally, I prefer my lunchbox/toaster. The only positive for the rack mount is the USB on the front panel. Ron had to buy a larger rack case to add the Kemper. He told me he should have kept the original Kemper. It sat on top of his rack case and worked great. He thought it would be nice to have one less case to carry. The grass is not always greener.

  • Yep, thats right and i don't understand the decision to delete the LED's and the modulation knobs because the rack version isn't very deep. It's half of my rack. So imho there would be enough space to retain all those nice features from the toaster.
    Whatsoever, now i can buy a smaller rack. 8)

  • No leds is a HUGE miss you know any unit where you can't see the pots positions ? I don't

    Axe Fx II, rocktron intellifex, Eventide H series....basically all the ones that uses endless dials....

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  • Axe Fx II, rocktron intellifex, Eventide H series....basically all the ones that uses endless dials....

    I'm talking about amps not effects and not "other" simulators and the likes...on any guitar amps you can immediately see where your settings was great to have it on the KPA
    I have a couple friends who were waiting for the rack but won't switch because of this

  • Well... I sold my Kemper toaster... but am seriously now thinking about getting another toaster instead of the rack. :(

    I was under the impression (for some odd reason) that the rack was the same as the toaster all round... clearly not.

    The rack fits what I want better (its a rack) but the loss of one thing or another makes me feel that maybe the rack was driven down somewhat by price at manufacture time and margins needed to get a rack for the same price as the toaster. :(

    Surely they had enough 'room' for LED's? :(

    It's sounding bit of a disappointment also with the loss of EASY controls without messing around all day inside with soft knobs etc. :(

    Of course they might be doing things that we I am not aware of such as librarian or control software which could help with the rack I guess. :)

    And there's always MIDI control? but I like 'easy' (as in knobs like on tube amps) much more than twiddling with menus all day... it reminds me of other kit where you spend all day doing that. Great if you like that sort of thing... I don't. :(

    At least the rack will sound the same!

    I considered the Powered rack too but mono only puts me out of the picture with that - not a choice when you have previously made the toaster work stereo in to 4x12 stereo cabs with an external power amp and that setup sounded great. :(

    Hopefully these comments of mine are in the right place on here and my apologies if they are not....

    Maybe it is back to a toaster... now where's my bread.... :)

    Careful I'm watching you...

  • everything fine - had no bugs. Sound .. i dont have a lunchbox so i dont know if there is anything different.

  • Sound .. i dont have a lunchbox so i dont know if there is anything different.

    toaster is older than the rack version == more vintage -> sounds better. quite simple, dude! :)

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  • Yes, and the white toaster is more vintage then the black one.

    I would have bought the rack in case it would have been available one year ago - now I love the toaster format.

    Love the drive/ton control led's as well.

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  • if anyone is undecided between rack and toaster then i would say get the toaster unless you specifically need a rack,the toaster is just so comfortable to work with.

    i wanted the kemper a long time ago but didnt bought it because of the toaster design :D so as the rack was out i instant preorderd it :D