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    J’ai pas eu de soucis particuliers avec la fonction transpose dans le menu Rig.

    Sinon essaie le pitch shifter soit avant soit après l’ampli. Je sais pas pourquoi des fois ça sonne mieux après.

    Après soir sur que tu n’entend pas ta guitare au naturel. Donc soit tu joue très fort soit tu joue au casque ^^

    This exactly. If it doesn't have enough mids, it's not the Kempers fault.

    I can make profiles have ONLY mids if I want. I can scoop the living hell out of them too and do Pantera or have a tone like my ENGL or duplicate my excellent 57 tweed amp so closely I sold it.

    I really think a KPA has the BEST mids. It's just in the right place. I'm confident I'm not alone when I say that.

    I’m a new user of kemper and I also tend to think it’s really hard to get the « right mids » that you can get immediately with an amp.

    I’m a Marshall kind of guy (plexi) and it’s really hard to find profiles that have just the body AND mids characteristics.

    Maybe it’s because I don’t really know how the kemper works but I would be happy if you could share just one of your rock profile! Just to see if it’s just me or the profiles I found :)

    I also know that the kemper is a beast to tweak. For example you move definition down a bit you’ve got to adjust the bass, but no luck the bass frequency is not this one so you have to put an Eq m, before or after etc etc.

    Hi there,

    first I’m new to the kemper world with a Stage, so maybe it’s already possible but I didn’t see it lol.

    My idea is this one :

    when you find a good profile you always have to tweak it, less or more depending on what you want.

    Sometimes just the Amp and cab block parameters are not enough.

    So you’ll have to fill some slots with compression, eq, overdrive, boosters etc etc JUST to sculpt your sound from scratch.

    No Problem, but that means those slots aren’t free anymore and that could be a problem if you want to had some extra effects like wha, more boost (never enough of those lol) phaser, rotary and so on.

    What if the Kemper could save ALL those tweaks of the profile in one brand new « TweakedProfile » format.
    The tweaked profiles would be different because you’ll not be able to swap cabs and amps like normal profiles and you’ll certainly have no way to tweak it (only with the slots but no parameters in the new « tweaked » section).

    BUT it will give you the possibility of having those slots free again.

    Of course the new TweakedProfile export format will not save the reverb, mods, delay etc. Just blending all the sounds sculpture in one format.

    That could give you a raw Amp/Cab tweaked sound (not tweakable anymore) and 8 slots available again to put more effects if you want to use them

    This would be such powerful and would open so many possibilities.

    It’s my dream update!

    What do you think of it?

    Ps : sorry for the language, I’m not English but French lol ...

    One of the very few things that I don't like about the KPA is that the tone doesn't change when I roll back my guitar's volume. I know that is a good thing for a many players but a lot of amps, particularly non-master volume amps like 4 input Marshalls and tweed Fenders, brighten up when you roll back the guitar's volume when the amp is cranked. The KPA doesn't do that. The tone stays the same. I think that may be what Richard Fortus is talking about.

    are you sure it does not come from your guitar?
    all volume knobs players (as I am too) install a treble bleed in their guitars to keep the treble when you roll off the volume.
    « normal » configuration without treble bleed darken the tone with volume rolled off

    Or at least a midi/wifi thing.

    I can control my amp H&K gm40 with an iPad app with the H&K wmi-1 midi dongle.

    I really want an iPad app to control my Stage. Would make things really easier...