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    Thank you for your responses, and good te hear that I'm not the only one who has this issue. Let's hope they can (and want) to mix it in the mix. With all the different options for outputs, this one seems like a possibility.

    Okay, so nobody had the same issue? Is it just me, or should I submit a feature request? I would like to separate the usb output from the spdif output, if that is technically possible. It seems like a rather straightforward thing.

    I just update my Kemper Head (white toaster, unpowered) to the latest OS release. I'm glad that audio over USB is now possible. I record digitally over S/PDIF, because I don't need the AD/DA conversion going into my Clarett+ (MacBook). I wanted to experiment with recording with effects today. I use DI / Stack for all my recordings, so I can do some revamping later. I wanted to record DLY/REV wet over USB. But when I select this source for USB, the output for S/PDIF changes also. Is this a bug or a feature? This seems like very odd behaviour. Thanks so much for your reply.

    I'm using Elixir too at the moment. .010's on my Strat-scale guitars and .011 on my LP-scale ones. .012 phosphor bronze on acoustics, I think these sound great. I saw an offer for a bundle of Cleartone strings: a lot more affordable than Elixir's. Are these strings any good? Do you have any experience with them?

    I saw all the video's about .009's being more resonant and everything. This gauge still feels like dental floss to me, what are your thoughts about lighter strings? SRV must have heard something torturing himself with .013's.

    Or use 3M Dual lock tape because both sides are the same and it gives a very stable and solid lock!

    Yes, this is a great option. Only not for those who change their pedals often. This tape is so strong, that the lock between the two pieces of tape is stronger than the adhesive which sticks to the pedals and pedalboard. Superglue can be a solution here, but it ain't pretty.

    First of all congrats on your purchase! The profiles by HW (Tone Junkie) are really good. The description of the profiles are on his website, there is no read me. It took me a while, but I traced all the original amp names and sorted all the profiles accordingly. It was a bit time consuming, but also very fun to do! I learned a lot about different amps I didn't know before in the process.

    Apparently, I have to switch my control between Internal and S/PDIF which is unfortunate every time I turn on or off my Kemper.

    Yes, that is true, that's a thing you need to do every time if you want the Kemper to be the source. Some KPA's can also slave to an outside clock, for example your Focusrite interface. I don't know the details, but some early KPA toasters don't like this so much. Have you also connected the Focusrite S/PDIF output to the Kemper input?

    Thanks everybody, for your great recommendations. The P-Rails look cool, but I'm not looking for the kind of versatility. I have enough P-, T-, S- and ES-style guitars to cover my needs. I ordered the Deusenberg Domino's, so let's see what they sound like. I will report back here!

    Hi guys, gals and everybody else,

    I have a Chibson Les Paul here, which I got as a gift from a very good friend. I really like the guitar, it sounds very good when it's not plugged in. I know the quality of these Chuitars is questionable, but hey, never turn down a gift.

    I already have a lot of hum bucker-equipped guitars. And I don't really like the pickups that are in this guitar. Mainly the bridge PU is a bit weak sounding. So my idea is, to swap them for hum bucker-sized P90's. Not the hot ones (I once owned a MusicMan Axis with P90's which I didn't really fancy), but a set of vintage voiced PU's would be great. The problem is, that I don't know anything about P90's, and which ones sound 'good' (not too hot, with a bit of clarity, but not as much as an S- of T-style pickup) and won't break the bank. Do you have any ideas on which pickups I could buy? Thanks in advance for your replies!

    Greetings, Reinout

    By the way, we added S/PDIF output volume control on user request without being convinced that it's needed and appropriate. Normally it should run at maximum anyhow and volume should be controlled at the receiving device. It's a digital signal that cannot be too hot for the receiving device.

    I second this. Still, a lot of studios want the files to be sent in on -6 or -12 dB. It would be better to set this volume on the Kemper, and keep unity after this, then through faders in de DAW.