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    Don‘t be like Karen.

    Let‘s make that a running gag for everyone whining about lead times ...

    Whilst the Kemper team make the tweaks to the Editor, isn't the order of priority:

    1. Resolve issues that people appear to be still having with the latest OS and RM releases; then
    2. Release the Editor?

    Especially if the Editor is reliant on the KPA running on the latest OS.

    I bet they have two teams / guys (?) doing both in parallel.

    If we were to put as much effort in playing guitar as we do worrying on when the editor will be released we would all be playing like Hendrix by now??

    Does this mean Hendrix‘ genius only had room to come through because he never worried about an editor? :saint:

    I read that they are using a database approach for storing rigs in OS7. Sounds like a lot of issues might come from this.

    Rig Manager opening rigs which are not present, MIDI CCs make the thing crash (pointer exceptions), missing rigs, wrong backups, etc.

    In theory, shouldn‘t be too much of work. I expect them to have enough foresight to have used cross-platform frameworks from the start. Linux should be „easier“ to support than MacOS, they may even use cross-platform compilers.

    Thinkin' it's time for another couple of months hiatus from this forum. It was funny at first but some of you guys are way too eager to nitpick and just argue for the sake of arguing.

    Nah, you bring arguments to the table which do not fit the context. Please stop generalizing - I have never been inpolite nor should you.

    BTW: I got the patience to wait for the editor and anything else which may come - plus yes, I have humour. ;) So let‘s get back to the topic now.

    All they ever said was "we're going to have it eventually". A year and a half later there it was. Plenty of people whined about it because "every other car manufacturer has it". Meh.

    When they released it all former owners had to / still have to pay if they'd like to have the upgrade. Not so for the editor.

    It's actually a wonderful feature which is extremely useful. You're obviously very new to Performance Mode. Play with it some more, hopefully you'll awaken to it's utility. I rename every rig I save in performances to something useful, like eg. "Frampton" for my rig using talkbox effect.

    No, I exclusively use performance mode. However, I build up rigs per band and guitar. My performances look like e.g.

    1) Blackface

    2) /13

    3) JTM45

    4) JCM800

    5) EVH

    from clean to high-gain. If I now change the JCM800 to a - let‘s say - Friedman profile, I do not want it to be called JCM800 obviously.

    It depends on the use-case if it‘s a bug or a feature.

    It's actually a feature.

    If you think of the text as the name of the slot (instead of the what rig is currently used) it will make sense. You can then name slots as "Intro", "break", "Solo" etc.

    But as a convenience, when you FIRST load a rig into an empty slot I copies the rig name as the default name of the slot.

    If the slot already have a name it will not do that, but there is a button in edit mode that does this for you if you want.

    I do not see it as a feature anyways.

    This is off topic but... A lot of trouble shooting is going on with the new stage, which maybe is kind of normal for such a new "open field untested" device. I wonder if back in the day the toaster had similar beginner's issues... anybody long enough here to remember those days? I only can say that my rack and my toaster never had issues of any kind, they have been working perfectly for two years since day one.

    If you look at the Changelogs it seems so. However, I also get the feeling that they rushed the Stage. There seem to be a lot of issues around and not enough capacity to do fast bug fixing (as in the past when they had several betas a week before a release). Hopefully this is the case because of the holidays. I love the bullet-proofness of the good old Kemper OS 6. Hopefully, Kemper OS 8 will meet the same quality standards and Kemper OS 7 is the lonely exception.

    If I would own the stage, I would rather take my rack with Kemper OS 6 to the gig which is running stable for months (except the RigManager freeze bug which is known). I hope that everyone who just has a Stage won't come into trouble during a gig.

    I started to use the performance mode. I assigned rigs to the slots and saved the performance. Then I noticed, for some of the slots the rig name written on the second line (inside the "boxes") is wrong, while the one written beneath the performance name is right. I don't know if it happened with the previous OS ? I sent a message to the support team.

    That's an annoying bug (or feature?). You can click the "Edit" Button and then choose something similar to "Use Rig Name" to change the slot's name into the name of the rigs which is in the respective performance slot.