Just to make it clear: I don't endorse anyone here !!!

  • I'm getting some feedback about "being suspected" to endorse Armin's profiles, that's simply not true. I regularly bought his first bundles and I'm working for him on a simple profiles for demos-basis (he is offering his demo-deals to everybody).

    Also there is absolutely no TAF vs. Soundside-competition going on, the big difference for me is mainly the huge quantity of Armin's profiles, therefore my "hit ratio" will be higher. I know that some users prefer less profiles, but that's a subjective thing. I also love some of Andy's profiles like the Conford Carrera and the '59 Fender Bassman, by the way, both (Andy and Armin) are very open-minded and friendly guys. ;)

    Everything I'm writing here in this forum:

    1) is my very subjective taste and opinion
    2) is no rule for others
    3) doesn't mean that the rest is bad... ;-)

    And just to make it clear: I don't endorse any company and I don't have any commercial connection to anybody here.

  • You've always seemed impartial to me. I appreciate your input regarding your experience with gear.

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    When you turn the knob on KPA, you wake up the captured souls of tube amps living inside.

  • Thanks guys ;)

    Actually it's not a big deal, some people just think I'm connected to Armin in a commercial way because I did some demos for him and I like his profiles. Like I told you this is not true, I'm totally impartial, for sure if I like something I will share it here.

    I don't see any competition anyway, the KPA is opening such a big world of guitar-sounds, it doesn't matter for me where the profiles are coming from, I'm just looking for the best, like everybody. ;)
    So I'm using a mixture of my own profiles, free ones and commercial ones from Armin and Andy, I also bought the NPG-pack and I like it.

  • Who told you this, guenterhaas? Above all else, if your conscience is clear, don't worry about it.

    I don't think simply endorsing profiles is of any harm. It's not like someone will buy them just because someone else recommends them.

    Kind of hoping myself that Kemper Amplifiers continues to bring out new profile packs every month. I really can't justify additional expense at the moment and I'm glad the company seems to have set the benchmark by continuously bringing out new profiles while expanding the Kemper's capabilities.

    Some of the new stuff includes TAF, Gundy Keller, Bill Ruppert and others and it's really impressive. And there's more coming, I can barely believe it. But I'm so happy.

    Hell, I endorse the Kemper Profiling Amplifier FOR FREE. How's that for full disclosure up front? :thumbsup: