BUG:- 3.1.4 Release and Browse Mode Midi Switching ..... anyone else getting intermittent " digital cracking " when changing rigs ?

  • Hey all

    Noticed this since going to 3.1.4 Release.

    In Browse mode [ don't know about Performance mode ] when changing Rigs - either via a Midi FSW or via the Left/Right manual buttons on the KPA ..... quite regularly and often but intermittently, the Rig I go to will have some [ unpleasant ] hi-freq digital crackling - its not signal related [ its all in the green zone ] - only way to get rid of it is to quickly select another rig and then quickly go back to the [ previously offending Rig ] and then its all good.

    This isn't good :( ..... it was driving me bonkers during rehearsals ......

    I'll be going back to 3.0.2 unless this is a known easily fixable issue (?)

    Also, I spoke with the other guitarist in one of my other bands who also uses a KPA with 3.1.4 Release - he has the exact same issue and he has already gone back to 3.0.2

    Anyone else getting this issue ?


  • Back to 3.0.2 and no crackling ........ back to 3.1.4 and random cracking comes back ...... back to 3.0.2 and no crackling again ...... :( !?!?! ..... quite frustrating really.

    At least I know others are also getting it ...... hopefully this will be fixed in the next FW.


  • Back to 3.0.2 and no crackling ........ back to 3.1.4 and random cracking comes back ...... back to 3.0.2 and no crackling again ...... :( !?!?! ..... quite frustrating really.

    At least I know others are also getting it ...... hopefully this will be fixed in the next FW.


    It would be helpful if you could send us a backup.

  • There are too many bugs in the 3.14.
    Performance mode freezes too many times. Impossible to play with it in live.
    When you make a fxloop (mono or stereo) the sound in performance is not the same than in the other mode.
    The Lock stays "on" even with no locked fx...

    Kemper team, this os really sucks!
    We are not beta-tester, we are kemper's owners. Your OS MUST work with every kempers!

  • I've sent my FW in and so far, Kemper's testing doesn't show any issues with it ?!

    The other issues you mention I have also had with 3.1.4 [ with Pure Cab on 6 across the board ] as has a colleague with their KPA and 3.1.4.

    Its also very slow and "gluggy" when saving etc.....

    I went back to 3.0.2 [ with Pure Cab "unhidden" and set on 6 across the board ] and its as good and as smooth as butter and no issues.

    3.1.4 will need to be a lot more ironed-out before I go back to it.

    Weirdly, and maybe its just a "placebo" but I absolutely swear that all my rigs sound just a touch "better" in 3.0.2 than in 3.1.4 ..... maybe just my ears though ..... but as I went to and from 3.1.4 to 3.0.2 to 3.1.4 to 3.0.2 it was quite audible .... go figure

  • We have no reports about any of the things you mention. Please send an email to [email protected] along with a backup of your Profiler and a detailed description of the problems you encounter.

  • Ive been gigging 3.1.4 for quite a while now in performance mode and it has not froze on me once or have i suffered any of the issues mentioned above. I recommend sending a backup to support who im sure will get things sorted for ya :)

  • I'm using 3.1.4 as well. The only problem I had until now is the exact issue which brianiac5150 describes.
    Everything else works fine. I also gigged with it in performance mode and the problem didn't occur but I was only using one stack in all of my performances (like a one channel amp).

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    I, too, have been experiencing this. &nbsp;It usually lasts a few seconds or so and then goes away. &nbsp;Hope it's fixed very soon.


    <p>I also experienced the crackling for a few seconds when changing rigs in performance mode, either by midi or by the knobs. This happened only a few times during the last weeks, but I can't reproduce it.</p>

  • I have it also sometimes. Sounds like the cab doesn't activate and the output LED goes red. I don't have to switch back and forth, just wait a couple of seconds and it sounds normal again.

    I've been having the output-LED-going-red-for-a-sec-just-after-switching-rigs issue (only in some rigs), but this actually used to happen to me back in 3.0.2 as well... Haven't opened a ticket nor complained because it doesn't seem to affect the sound, at least in performance mode.

  • For all issues...

    The kemper is a computer.
    It works with a os
    If the os is good, it works with all the kempers.
    If the os is not good it doesn't work with any kemper.
    If the os works with somes kempers, it's due to the kemper.

    My first issue with the kpa was a led who shined less than others. After send à backup and upgrade with the next firmware, no trouble with this led (thanks you).

    But how to explain that somes kempers have this little bug and not an other, with the same firmware? Well it's not the firmware, it s the hardware. And the new firmware has a code who change the V of the led only in faulty kempers and not in
    the other. How to know faulty kemper? With the hardware.

    The same here. The code works with somes kempers, not with all.

    I speak about hardware issue because if we have exactly the same hardware, the os has the same behaviour for everyone.

    If i make error, please explain this.

    I ll come back to 3.02 too