Online petition for software editor - support appreciated

  • What is new that you think Kemper does not know. :?:

    I would immediately sign a petition for the abolition of the death penalty or the release of critical journalists in Turkey.

    But this devalues the importance of a petition to a great extent. :(

  • I'm with Monkey Man on this. We owe so much to the Kemper team and I think its unfair trying to exert this kinda pressure on them.

    They continually provide us with OS software updates, Rig Manager Updates, Rig packs , keep the RE going etc...

    We'll have it when we have it.

    Keep up the good work Kemper Team and I look forward to the editor whenever its ready :thumbsup:

  • The team heard the request loud-and-clear eons ago.

    Any further pressure will have zero effect IMHO, so honestly Dallas, you'd probably best just try to be patient, along with the rest of us.

    I'm guessing the 640 people that signed the petition in about a 24 hour period aren't part of the patient group you were referring to.

  • If you mean the 50 000+ who didn't, 'Leader, then that's a good guess, mate! :D

    From what I can tell, Kemper is super-organised. I just cannot see a petition's making any difference to its development plan. No harm in signing it, of course, as long as one realises it'll have zero effect other than perhaps a feel-good one.

    The users who've vented their spleens countless times in the various threads about this would, you'd think, be confident by now that they've been heard. Nobody should have any doubt whatsoever at this point that the request has been heard 'loud-and-clear.

  • Two points:

    I've stated this in the past. The Kemper is intuitively laid out, so that anyone who has ever used an amp head will be up to speed on basic controls out of the box. None of the basic controls need a computer interface. The only possible gripe I can see is the in using the effects. But in reality, even those are laid out intuitively. If you've used real pedals, you have the same controls that are on the pedal it models. In some cases, you have more options than the pedal it models.

    I personally do not find a need for software. Everything I need is on the unit itself. To me, it is, at best, a "nice to have" feature. The argument that other modelers have software, then Kemper should simply doesn't work. In fact, they are probably doing you a favor.

    I have had several modelers in the past, and have used their software, before I bought a Kemper.. Those units pretty much needed the software to enable the users to tweak patches, etc. The problem with software is that you never really dive in deep on the unit itself. You become beholden to the software to complete simple tasks.

    Second point: What do you think an online petition will do? There are numerous threads here, on their own forum, asking for the same thing. Strong arm the company to create software?

    Just my 2 cents.

  • I would like to state my position quite clearly.
    Yes, I would like to have an editor at least I would like to have a way to manage effects, presets and cabs.

    No, I will not join the legion who are whining endlessly and even threatening to quit.

    I think Kemper knows that many users would want them to develop something similar.
    I am glad that Kemper has a company's policy to let the users participate in the progress after the purchase. But I find it outrageous to make demands.

    As a wish, it has been deposited quite often.

  • I personally do not find a need for software. Everything I need is on the unit itself. To me, it is, at best, a "nice to have" feature. The argument that other modelers have software, then Kemper should simply doesn't work. In fact, they are probably doing you a favor.

    I didn't need one till my set up changed quite a bit and I wanted to use kemper for more stuff. Now it's a pain in the butt to have to use the hardware interface. Changing cabs of direct profiles, finding an effect, lots of things can be way less painful than they are now.

    Even if I can prepare as well as possible for a session by spending time to have needed profiles set as they should be... it's likely some changes will be needed on the fly -- and then not only does it feel unprofessional to spend as much time on kemper's hardware, trying to see what's going on from the small display, but at home it's a pain too... because I don't have kemper next to me anymore. And even then to flick a knob to find effect A or B is tiring and needlessly time-consuming imho. If anything, I'd be experimenting more with kemper tones if there was software. Kemper is anyway connected to computer most of the time.

    I see a big need for an editor for many people, even if kemper's amp-like hardware UI is better than many modellers.

    That said I agree that a petition doesn't do much. If they make it and release it, they make it and release it. It's not like a petition will have them change their mind either away.

  • Some people need an editor. I'm one of them.

    It really is that simple.

  • ....But I find it outrageous to make demands.

    I agree to a certain extent about demands of specific special effects, but when it comes to Editor I think can understand even though I'm getting by quite well with the user interface alone.

    KPA main purpose is intended to be studio piece of gear for recording and many who buy it, are usually shocked to discover that there's no editor after buying it. Kemper should have the best editor as it's the most advanced modeler and in an age when refrigerators have editors, there's simply no excuse for not having an editor, not even the cost, because KPA was originally release for an introductory price of $1500 that quickly moved to roughly 2000 in the united states.

    So it's not a cheap piece of gear for sure and without an editor, it kind of seems sloppy overall handling of this issue by the company that created this situation and I;d be willing to bet that with an editor the KPA sales would have been much more than the current seemingly healthy sales,.

    An editor should be a must nowadays, there should be no need for a petition. Users like KPA and don't want to switch but they simply want this simple basic functionally by today's standard. I know it's not a simple task, but there are lot more complex digital devices that have editors so why isn't the company that developed the most advanced modeler still unable to develop an editor more than six years after release? Can't explain!!

  • The team heard the request loud-and-clear eons ago....

    Sorry Nicky but I have to respectfully disagree, if they heard eons ago how come there's still no editor? No offense to the Kemper team intended, but they might have heard but didn't truly listen to their customers. The delays are great, but without an editor they're more than a pain to fiddle with the knobs. Why not give choices to the many who want a computer editor and those who love to fiddle with knobs can have their way too?