Volume during solo parts for live gigs

  • Hi there,
    I play guitar in a 6 piece classic rock cover band and last night we played a great gig at a small club. I played the unpowered KPA through the PA in mono and routed the monitor out to a transistor power amp and a Marshall speaker. The KPA sounded great on stage and through the PA.

    However, during our opening song Fortunate Son in the Foo Fighters version, the other guitarist take a solo each. I already used pure boost to increase the volume by 5db and the compressor to boost by another 5db but still my solo sounded burried by the rest of the band.

    How can I increase the volume for the solo and then afterwards reduce it again? Do I need a volume pedal or should I morph the volume? If so how does that work? Or what would you recoomend I should use to solve this issue?

    Thanx for your help and keep rocking.

  • I use the pure boost in the “x” slot. That works perfectly assuming the sound guy doesn’t put a compressor or limiter on my channel strip.

    Btw, I have the “x” slot locked to pure boost so that I always have that boost available.

  • Everything above.
    Plus the rest of the band should help by giving you space.
    Very often the solo part is exciting and everyone "leans in" too hard.
    Coupled with increased mids, good band dynamics can make a huge difference.

  • like @Finally, I use a separate slot and rig, eq'ed specifically for the solos.

    I also use Morph to boost for riffs but I don't bother with the volume pedal as I usually just want to switch on and off, not vary ( double click on a performance slot). I Morph, volume, mids and sometimes reverb as my rhythm I keep quite dry..