Sort by Guitar (in the Rigs pool)

  • Would be nice if you could sort your 1000 rigs by guitar.

    Then you could put the name of your guitar in the "Pickup type" amp tag (e.g. "Gibson Les Paul P90 Neck"), and have all your guitars together.

    Right now, you have to sort of browse through all your rigs and try them all out.

    I realize that a rig could be used with several guitars. Maybe there's a better solution than using the amp tag (but it would require more development work).

  • I've mentioned several times that I'd like to see new categories and their attendant "sub-fields" added to the tagging possibilities.

    I wish now that I'd made a list of them 'cause I can't find any of the posts, but they went something like this:


    SC / HB Type

    SC / HB Position - neck, middle or bridge


    Body, FB & neck

    Body Type

    Solid, Chambered, Semi-hollow, Hollow

    Guitar type

    Strat, SuperStrat, LP, Piezo Acoustic, Resonator, Dobro, Banjo etc.


    Amp, Cab, Guitar etc

    The fields would be "user-definable" just like the existing ones; I'm not suggesting cookie-cutter choices.

    The only issue I see with all this, pictures excluded, is that every guitar is still different even when Rigs are sorted according to any of the above criteria, meaning that even if every Profiler's tastes in sound were the same, he or she would have had to make subtly-different settings choices on the amp and with mic'ing technique in order to get there. Then of course what sounds good to each Profiler's ears is different as well.

    If you only ever bought from a single Profiler, the system would theoretically work, but even then, this would rely on all other factors such as mic'ing techniques' remaining constant throughout.

    Hence we come full-circle in the sense that IMHO these additional fields would find their greatest utility when employed on a user-defined basis. IOW, taking the OP's situation as an example, his "problem" could only be properly-solved if he were to fill these fields in himself according to what works best for him with a given Rig, be it the guitar type, PU's, woods or whatever.

    In summary:

    Whilst the specification of PU's (probably the most-important of the variables IMHO) and so on should theoretically be useful within a given pack / session from a Profiler, the same may not hold true when one brings the plethora of free and other commercially-available Profiles into the mix.