Edit Performance Only Major scales! Minor is not availaible on my Kemper.

  • Hi everybody!

    FIrst, I'm new to the Kemper, but it has very cool features and this stuff looks AWESOME!:love:

    But, because there is a but. I can't find "Minor" scales. Let me explain myself. When I go to the " Edit Performance", I can Change Tempo and Key. I can also see " Major", but when I turn the button under major it goes to Blanck. I can only chose between Major and Blank. ( Wich is nothing I guess)

    I tried to go on the rig manager, there it is. I see minor sclaes. Alright, I change to minor and then...By magic IT goes again to major. Is it some kind of bug or am I missing something ?=O

    Thanks everybody for the future following answers.:)

    Ps: I failed on the section to post, I'm sorry for that.

  • Are you talking about using the harmonizer? I’m only asking because I never use it myself so I’m just not sure.

    But if you mean the harmonizer, the likely answer is that you’ll need to convert the major scale into the minor that you’re seeking.

    How much music theory do you know?

    I’ll try to make it simple:

    Every major scale (C, A, G, Bb etc etc.....all of them) have a related minor scale that uses the exact same notes.

    To find the related minor scale, go to the 6th note of the major scale; that will be the root of the related minor scale.

    So for instance, if you want to play in A Minor, you have to ask your self, “What major scale has ‘A’ as the 6th note?”

    The answer to that example is the C Major scale: C, D, E, F, G, **A**, B

    So on your profiler, if you want to play in the key of A minor, you’ll have to set the scale to C major.

    Let me know if this makes sense. I can help more if you’re still confused.

  • Hi Calaban!

    Thank your for the answer. This is, indeed, for the harmoniser.

    I'm fine with minor and major relatives. This is the solution i'm using right now because i can't select the minor.

    This will work for sure, but my brain has to think about what is the third or the fifth etc... You know it, but I'll explain for those who don't.

    In C major the fifth is G, in the minor relative wich is A the fifth is E. And this changes the simplicty of how I could use the harmoniser, the fifth is not the same if you're playing Major or Minor. I agreed, this is a small inconvenience, but still I think this is a bug that should be fixed. That will probably simplify the harmoniser for those know how to use it anyway and this will help those that can't use it in it's actual way.

    (Sorry for my poor english, i'm not an English native.)

  • Sorry, my brain messed up with the harmoniser. I was stuck on the scale degrees for no reason when the harmoniser is playing ( and harmonising ) along the note you play. My bad. This is stupid, but my brain thought like the harmoniser would play the scale degree I choosed ( I'm stupid for that ), but it will move along my play. Wich is totally normal.

    First time I use one and just notice that it will harmonise the note itself, So we don't care except if we're playing another kind of minor, like phrygian etc...And then we'll have to chose something else than the minor relative.

    Thx for the help, my mind is clear now!