Bringing Up Again - Setting High and Low speed limits of the Rotary

  • Doing a thread search, I've seen requests for this going back years and I'm shocked this hasn't yet been taken care of:

    For sound and feel the Kemper Profiler rotary speaker effect is so much better than my HX Effects, (and while my Boss Rotary pedal had the features i need and sounded good, I noticed a drop in presence when in bypass.) But despite the advantages of the Kemper effect, for the things I use Rotary Speaker for, the slow speed is too slow and the fast speed is way too fast. If you can adjust the rate of virtually any other mod effect and you can adjust the ramp time between the fast and slow settings, why hasn't an an adjustable minimum and maximum rotor speed been added to the Rotary Speaker effect?

  • I still find my Strymon Mobius Rotary m favourite but I no longer use it because I like the convenience of having everything self contained in the Kemper. It would be great to have the Rotary effect enhanced by allowing control of fast and slow speeds and the ramp speed between them.

  • I agree 100%. I have asked for this before at least 3 years ago and was told it was in the works but.......

    The same for more stomps. Drives and fuzz pedals. Been told for a few years they are in the works but they keep hitting us with reverb and delays and effects that are of no use to me.