FOH sound and tone, Rig prefix naming, and leaving ON all day?

  • Can I assume that the sound (tone) I get in my studio (DAW) going out to my monitors (FRFR) is the tone I can expect to FOH speakers that the audience will here Live? (in general).

    What would be a preferred prefix rename to save a rig I modded. Like "save as" and enter "001 - Clean Verb" so that when I start up the profiler in the morning, or on stage, I can quickly navigate up and down to find my modded ones?

    Can I leave the profiler on all day long? Like 8-10 hours a day 7 days a week? I have it plugged into a noise and surge supressor.

  • Depends on what DAW monitors you have and the room they are located in .... And volume.

    Also depends on what kind of P.A. ( FOH ) there is, and the room it is located in ....

    But generally yes .

    I save modded rigs as "SAVE AS" "Original name" + Mod. (+ Number, if several modifications )

    You can leave your KPA on 24 / 7 , but why? Does it take to long to start up ? :/

    Cheers !

  • I use a name scheme similar to what you were mentioning, but I started doing that a long time ago, well before Performance mode was available. Performance mode provides a better way to group rigs, but I've still yet to modify my setup to use it :)

    Monitors are all a bit different, as are FOH systems, so there will generally be some differences, but you can usually make minor EQ adjustments in the Output menu to account for it.

    I wouldn't leave any piece of gear on all the time, but that's me ...

    Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. - Wayne Dyer

  • ...

    You can leave your KPA on 24 / 7 , but why? Does it take to long to start up ? :/

    Cheers !

    Well, it's not instant on - does take about 40 seconds and about the same as my computer. I leave my computer and audio interface on all day anyways. I'm in my studio all day and only leave to get food and drink, or trip to restroom. I like just grabbing the guitar and pluck and go. I was always aggravated about turning tube amps on and off. Just seems more convenient to leave everything on.

  • I prefix with numbers that also relate to my backup HX Stomp. That way it is easy to make program changes that will control either rig.

    If you are setting sounds for live use, I would turn you monitors up quite loud to see if there are any aggressive frequencies likely to disturb the audience. Generally a bit more mid and less highs & lows will be safe. Nothing worse than the sinking feeling of hearing your modeller fizzing across a venue.

    High volumes will give you the equivalent of the "loudness" button on old hifi amps. The Fletcher-Munson curve will explain this if you look it up.

  • +1 for the original name + "mod"

    If I only make one change, such as lowering the gain, I append "-gain" to the original name.

    I have also added the specific modifications to the comments. But that is only visible when using Rig Manager.